Electoral College: Voting

Why is voting not important to me? While researching others opinions on why voting is not a must I ran across several reason on why we should not vote. I know everyone is going to say voting is the right thing to do. It allows your opinion to be expressed in a format that gives the voter a sense of responsibility to this country. Voters believe they have an voice and they feel like they are making a difference in our government on political views. American citizens don’t even have power to put who they want in office. When it all boils down, the electoral college will always have the finally say so in who the president will be after the election.

Yes we have the power to put the people in office at the local and state levels, but the electoral college decides the president of the United States. Not the people. This was created to insured that the regular citizens do not disrupt the agenda of the nation. Just think for a second… labels are put on bleach bottles that say do NOT drink. Bleach is an common household cleaning product, that smells toxic. When the label was not on the bottles some adults must have drank it that’s whey they needed labels. These are the very same people we call citizens that have their God given right to vote. But every citizen can not read or write.

Most citizens can not tell you the name of the mayor in their town or even the Senator who holds the seat in Washington, DC. So they can not know all the issues to make a good decision on picking someone to run the entire country. They just pick an Party ( Republican or Democrat or Independent) and usually pick the candidate that is associated with their party. So should all citizens have the right to vote. No! Thats is why the Electoral College is in place.“Let’s Make a America Great Again” so says our current president Donald Trump. Quick fact: Did you know Donald Trump stole or borrowed the slogan Let’s Make America Great from former Democrat Ronald Reagan. It’s too early to say Trump is the worst president but he is the worst person to be president, according to Fox News. This is because of how far he’ll go to achieve

business success and political success. In neither case he’ll let his morality, ethics, or even the law stand in his way. Everyone here would like to go to college after high school right and college is not cheap, the government knows not everyone can afford college expenses. FAFSA was formed to give out federal grants, loans, and work study funds. It has provided more than $150 billion dollars in student aid each year, but now there is an possibility that we won’t get that opportunity to receive a grant because of Donald Trump.

Trump shut down our government until he gets his wall. My teacher and counselor say it won’t last that long but I believe that he we keep the government down until he gets his way.Sadly families are being affected by the partial shut down. These government employees have to still going to work, perform the services needed, and they are NOT getting paid as I speak. Do we have any people who believe in God don’t raise your hand I don’t want to expose any atheists. I am a strong believer in God and his word. It states in the Bible King James Version Psalm 118 verse 8: It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence man. That speak for itself!! Why should I take the time to vote when it doesn’t matter.

God clearly say don’t put faith in man faith in him is all you need. They want you to think you have a voice. They want you to feel like your opinion is valued. As you can see it is not valued and it does not matter. The United States has a different agenda that does not include every citizen. Think back to when I mentioned the electoral college, the elite and the rich, not you or ME. That is why I put my trust in God not man, or American government and especially not voting.

The facts are the facts as you can see clearly now you understand why you should NOT vote. While researching others peoples opinions about voting I learned a lot of different views on it. Some really good one some bad also ran across a very weird one. I also realized I don’t have an issue with vote completely I have an issue with having an president. I can say without a doubt that I will never vote for a the president, but I might vote for our state officials cause I know my vote could influence an change.

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