Why Americans should Vote

When the word “Vote” comes up everyone starts to freak out, everyone goes crazy and it looks like the whole world is going to explode. The word causes different reactions from people. People start to get very aggressive with this term and start to begin to express their opinions on different political issuers. Other people on the other hand, try not to get involved and avoid the he topic completely.

There are a lot of people to rely on pat answers to support their neglect in voting, they might have a lazy excuse such as, it doesn’t matter if they vote or not their vote couldn’t possibly make that big of a difference in the race. Another example would be the person doesn’t have much knowledge of politics and they might think it’s too confusing for them. Also, people think that politicians could be crooks, so they wouldn’t even bother of voting at all. These are some of the common excuses heard from what people say to not vote.

These excuses won’t make a difference in any elections, but one vote surely will. People complain on how unhappy they think the way of the world is going. But they never don’t do anything to change it. In the United States of America, if you are a citizen and of the age of eighteen you have the right to vote. Voting means you can have a say in who represents you in the government and certain initiatives are passed. You can also be able to vote in local and national elections. All citizens should exercise their right to vote and have their voice heard.

Many things are decided by elections to run this country. Presidents, judges, and governors are all voted upon the general population, and if they are not they are decided by the elected officials. Our country’s government revolves around voting and elections. So, wouldn’t it make sense for all Americans to make their opinions heard through ballots? You would think this would be happening a lot today, but interestingly enough it is not.

In 2008 the US census Bureau said that only 63% of all people registered to vote did. You wouldn’t think that wasn’t that bad, until only 72% of Americans were even registered to vote. Today, 45% of America is even voting in these elections even though they could determine the fate of the country.

Voting is very important, and I feel like everyone should express their political opinion. In America’s democracy, we have the value to choose who is in office and revel in the fact that we do have a say in what goes on in the political world. However, less than half of the country is voting regularly so, we should ask ourselves is this even really a democracy? Sure, many people will not agree with each other, but we still have elections and the country is run by our president. But look at it this way, the whole purpose of a democracy is that every person should have a say in what goes on, and when less than half of the people in the country is voting, not everyone’s voice is being heard. When everyone is not being heard, then we don’t have a democracy.

Citizens of many countries complain about the world around them, and many don’t have to option to change that world. However, you do. I think the youth of America has the power to make decisions that can affect the country. If you don’t agree on how the way America is run, and yet you don’t vote in elections or make your opinions heard, then you, not the government is at fault. With this power we choose what happens with this country, and we can make a difference to make America stronger and help make the electoral process better and by this means we should be voting.

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