Culture and Substance Abuse

The main objective of addiction counseling is to assist the client to maintain and achieve abstinence from addictive behaviors and chemicals. Also, this counseling will assist the client to recover from addiction damages to his/her health. In addition, the current stage of change of is action because the client should take measures for developing a program of recovery. However, the recovery process is the ultimate task of the client. He or she is advised to seek great trading and education from other people such as counselors, family members and treatment staff.

An individual providing treatment should consider the cultural factors of substance use disorders. You need to consider the mental disorder or self-medication of the psychological suffering of the patient. Also, the issues that add to the risks of substance that relate to the disorders need to be considered. Treatment individuals need to regularly obtain knowledge about the dynamic, broad drug cultures in which the population of the client may take part in and which reinforces the use of heroin. Moreover, the health service providers should interpret this knowledge into administrative and clinical practices which counter and address the cultural influences within the treatment surroundings. For instance, through the implementation of strategies which ban dressing styles which point out association with heroin.

Heroin use usually said to be a moral evil. The addicts destroy their life and health because they engage in prostitution and crime. According to culture, self-realization in harmony with others is thought to be an important moral obligation. According to the image of the man in culture, respect for personal responsibility and individual freedom is highly appreciated. If a person destroys his health or life by becoming addicted to heroin, people might perceive it being ethically wrong. However, people may not consider it as enough reason to interfere given that it doesn’t harm other people.

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