Substance Abuse Impact on The Family

Substance abuse has detrimental impact on the functioning of the family depending on the severity of the abuse. Many individual are living in families where one or both family members abuse drugs and thus do not focus on the underlying important family values that need to be developed in improving the overall focus of the family. It is very difficult of r a family member to abuse drugs and remain committed to the key parental responsibilities that are required of them. Key aspects that is put into focus within family functioning when considering substance abuse is family finances. The desire to use drugs is very high in the sense that an individual would opt not to buy basic needs but ensure that the desire for a given drug is satisfied.

Misplaced priorities that arise becauseof drug abuse limit the overall development of a given family and thus is injurious to the welfare of other members within the family. Drug users assume a careless attitude where they are not concerned with developing any relationships based on the outcomes of a given drug. Breakup in relationship is one of the key symptoms in creating an understanding about an individual overall focus on drugs making it very difficult to have any constructive relationships. There is poor family focus and thus results into a dysfunctional family unit that is largely divided. What is codependence, and how might it relate to the family or relationship dynamics affected by substance abuse?

Codependence is a behavioral and emotional condition that negative affects an individual’sability to have a healthy and satisfying relationship because of significant focus on substance abuse which limits the overall focus on development of positive relations within a family setup. People with codependency do not focus on developing a mutual relationship but always want their issues handled without having any major focus on what their actions are likely to cause to an individual who they are in a relationship with. Because of codependency,individuals tend to be more aggressive and violent especially when they are unableto find the means where they are able to satisfy their mental craving for a certain substance that they are highly accustomed to.

The choices that are made under this condition are not effective since they focus on one side of the relationship while the other side does not matter. A family is developed based on better relationship between partners. When there is no existence of mutual consideration in a relationship, it cannot be perceived to have a string background where it can flourish. Codependency creates a very difficult environment in a relationship through limiting the positive interaction that builds family. Coexistence in such environment is very difficult leading to family breakup or family violence to some extent.

Is there an association between substance abuse and family violence? There exists a string link between family violence and substance abuse. Most of family violence perpetrators usually do so because of certain form of intoxication where it is very difficult to control themselves. Substance abuse usually make people violent since they are not in their usual senses which limit their ability to think straight and make effective decisions that can have a positive influence within a family environment.

Explain the ways that family issues may need to be addressed in providing substance abuse treatment. Family therapy sessions need to be organized where family members can be effectively be engaged and develop an understanding about their roles and responsibilities in ensuring that there is peaceful coexistence between all the family members. Positive relationships within family setting can only be made when there exist key focus on underlying positive elements within organizational context. Even though it might be difficult to have a family therapy session in the beginning it is important to engage each member of the family differently in developing a common understanding where they can develop a positive focus regarding their family wellbeing.

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