Consequences of Corporal Punishment

Are you a parent ? Have you ever been driven crazy by the actions of your children? How do you deal with the way you discipline them? Do you believe in punishment or do you repeat the same tactics your parents would use on you? Punishment is to discipline someone for doing wrong.

When being punished, there is most likely a type of physical or emotional pain to who transgressed in order to teach a lesson in hope of obtaining better behavior from them next time.kind of pain or suffering to one who transgressed in order to correct their behavior. In an article by the name of “The only effective way to talk to children when they are acting out” by Battles, shows a phrase used very commonly is that of “An eye for an eye”, it can be something than can be hard for both individuals on each end to overcome,however in now psychology there is information in which states that harming is not always the best thing to do when taking action.

Many parents punish their kids In a variety of ways in which may include time out, spanking, yelling, or simply taking away object that are looked at as “valuable “ to them. In this essay I will be focusing on how spanking is not going to help with the child’s development in the future.

Spanking has been used through many years and it must come to an end.The term is also best known as a corporal punishment, `in which is most often used as a form of what parents consider the teaching for those who are making mistakes that they should not have made. Although it is said to have some benefits , the negative consequences far outweigh the bad. It is important to know that there is more than spanking to show your children when they have done something wrong. Spanking can lead to many things such as anxiety, lies, and depression. These cases can then later on lead to bigger issues.

Different variations of spanking can lead to more serious problems in the future as kids become young adults. Something that may not seem serious but should be taken into a lot of consideration because of the severity it has would be like depression, anxiety disorders, and paranoia.An article by the name of “Spanking and Child Development: We Know Enough Now to Stop Hitting Our Children”, by Elizabeth informs us as readers how much we can affect our children mentally with the actions we decide on utilizing.

Depression can be a development in the early age in which our own parents can cause because of such ridicule choice of punishment. Depression can even later on lead to suicidal thoughts. Thoughts such as these should absolutely be taken very seriously and it should never be assumed that children are only showing signs due to wanting to obtain any attention.There is not only a physical but mental damages that can be caused. Being hit can make the kids feel lonely and thinking they are of no worth at all. Most parents for obvious reasons do not want kids to think this way, however that is a huge possibility.As parents we want our children to grow up being respected, being successful, and being independant. We want to set them down the right path in order for them not to fail at what they set themselves out for.

I understand that there is times where there is frustration because parents do not want to invision kids commit the same poor mistakes us as parents have made. They believe a spanking is something they will “never” forget, therefore shaping them into better adults for the near future. However it can turn them into aggressive young adults and the cycle will continue on when they have children of their own due to fact in which they believe spanking is always the answer.

Sometimes what parents do is an act of hypocrisy, but that is not something that is visualized right away until a certain moment in life.You may tell your child something along the lines of “Don’t hit ” or “Do not talk when the teacher is talking,” then in a second you spank them because they did something wrong. There is scenarios in which children are speaking of a matter that is of importance to them, however parents do not pay attention and just give them an electronic device so the kid can go away.

Does that as a parent make any sense at all to you? Spanking or not listening to children teaches your them that it is fine to hit as well as to avoid hearing others when they need to be heard. You probably also have heard the saying “ like father like son.” We are a reflection of our parents and as children they pick up whatever their parents do around them .If kids are being spanked why would they believe that a spanking is wrong when those kids have children of their own? In their eyes there parents found it “normal” to hit so why would they not continue the chain.

They may learn from this that violence is acceptable. Many parents have spanked their todlers in the past and it did not change the children’s attitude. It is caused by the heat of the moments, so it is important to have a clear mind space before reacting to the behavior. Spanking like it is mentioned before also effects a child emotionally. This could cause the child to feel inferior. It can cause the child to feel bullied and unaccepted even in their family. In the long run, the child could develop insecurities within themselves. Spanking could also teach a child to lie continuously, There is no reason why a child would be willing to confess to a bad act that they committed if they knew that their punishment would be something that will cause them physical pain.

Children will much rather react differently and with more caution if they are punished differently. In that case coming to my conclusion in which spanking is not something parents should stand for but against. If there must be discipline in the household, maybe instead of reaching for the object to hit a child is not the best of ideas, however taking away their phone or not allowing them to go out to see their friends can cause them a much greater impact. It can allow them to rethink twice next time they do a wrongdoing because they know that the consequences will be much more effective in helping them understand what is wrong.