Compare and Contrast: Journeys and Travel

When people travel to foreign countries, they have many choices to stay. Some people prefer to stay in international luxury hotels, while others prefer to stay in local hotels. I will compare and contrast the reasons why people choose in the following article.

Luxury hotels have many advantages. In terms of facilities, the hotel’s supporting facilities are generally quite complete, in the indoor generally there will be a small refrigerator to store drinks, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair dryer relatively complete, some hotels will also be equipped with indoor tea, convenient for guests and friends to chat. In terms of security, the hotel is usually occupied by a large number of guests. In order to ensure the safety of guests and avoid emergencies, some hotels will also be equipped with full-time security guards. But the hygiene of the hotel is a concern. Nearly 100 hotels have been exposed for hygiene problems, including luxury 5-star hotels. The main reason for these problems is that the hotel is larger and employs fewer cleaners. And most hotels are expensive. And when the hotel meets the tourist peak season will be based on the booking situation for a large number of price increases, off-season only the network booking will be the corresponding discount.

There are also many advantages to staying at a local hotel. In decorating cent case, the decoration style of home stay is more compact, can put on all sorts of collocation to decorate small thing, although do not have bigger front desk, but can have the feeling of home however. In terms of hygiene, local hotels are cleaner. Because the number of rooms in the local hotel is relatively small, only a few cleaners can clean all the rooms. And for the local hotel, the price will not exceed 1000 Yuan at most, whether it is cheaper than the hotel on holidays or at ordinary times. But the local hotel does not have many attendants and security guards. In case of emergency; it is difficult to guarantee the safety of guests. Local hotels have mostly evolved from families, so there are fewer rooms, and too many rooms are harder to manage.

All in all, luxury hotels have more facilities than local hotels and can provide better service for guests. Luxury hotels offer their clients a safer environment. Local hotels offer guests a local experience at a lower price and better hygiene. People who choose luxury hotels pay more attention to the comfort of living, while people who choose local hotels pay more attention to the local experience. Choosing a local hotel may be for young people who want to experience different local lifestyles. Luxury hotels may be for the elderly or families.

I passed the comparison between the two hotels. I think luxury hotels can provide people with more comfortable service, but it is difficult to bring people a local experience. The service at your local hotel may not be as good, but you can get more of a local experience. Those who want a better experience can choose luxury hotels, and those who want to experience life can choose local hotels.

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