Biography Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a biography that described in detail the life of Mr. Lincoln and the situations that he went through. It exclaims how Lincoln grew up and the things he did to become who he is known as today. After reading this book, I believe that it was a considerable book to learn about Lincoln and know how life was in that time, but it showed too much credit for the things he accomplished. Although he did make decisions that weren’t easy to make, it can compare to what other political figures have done. This book gives Lincoln credibility that is not necessary.

Abraham Lincoln was written by William E. Gienapp, who was a professor that had taught many subjects relating to History, according to the news at Harvard Gazette, “nineteenth century American political history”. It is stated that, “Even at his comparatively tender age, Gienapp was sure that the Civil War was the central event in American history, and he was determined to conduct research that might enrich our understanding of how and why it had come about.” Gienapp had a love for teaching others how important history is. Since this book is a biography about a political figure in history, it does show the trust that a history professor knows what is accurate about the person. As a professor that teachers the subject in which Lincoln is being mentioned, it is acceptable. However, if the author was a math teacher, the book wouldn’t be trusted or have the trust that it is entirely correct.

The negatives about Abraham Lincoln is how it puts too much emotion in Lincoln instead of his goals. Throughout the book, it says how he felt and how hard it was to make decisions or be a leader when it should have gone into detail the goals on what he wanted to do. The goals and accomplishments matter more than what he felt to get to the accomplishment. Lincoln was an important person, but throughout the book it showed how much emotion he had of myself instead of the emotions he had towards his goals and the impact it will have on lives. For example, on chapter four, Lincoln had already done many things but a sentence states, “By now Lincoln was physically exhausted. Feeling the weight of responsibility, he commented that “all his troubles and anxieties of his life had not equaled those…” (81). I understand how difficult it can be to have responsibilities, but a president should expect to have that kind of pressure. Lincoln showed more of the struggle and heaviness on his shoulders rather than the passion he had to do the action. The author seemed to have put Lincoln in a higher level than he should have been. He was a respectable president, but the book over-exaggerates on how Lincoln felt and the trials he went through to succeed what his goals were.

The book was detailed and exclaimed how Lincoln’s life was before and when he was elected president. Abraham Lincoln was perfect to know and learn how Lincolns life was. According to the book, in the beginning it started out by explaining his early years as a kid regretting “the lack of educational opportunities in his youth. (5)” to the scene of his casket being “taken to the state capitol in a special hearse… (203)” where it was placed “at Oak Ridge Cemetery, two miles outside of Springfield. (203).” Therefore, it was organized and easier to understand because of it being chronological order. I also liked how when the book ends, we are given a “Chronology of Abraham Lincoln (204)” that shows the events that occurred throughout Lincolns life that are summarized into points. It helps those who read be able to look back and see the date and event instead of reading through the book again to find what happened.

Abraham Lincoln is a notable book that goes into detail about Lincolns life from his childhood to the day he is being buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery. Throughout the book, it explains the pressure and accomplishes he had. Although the book gives Lincoln a higher level of credibility than he should, it is good to learn and imagine how life was in that time for Lincoln. The Civil War is an important time when people believed men weren’t considered equal, and during that time there was conflict that may have never seemed to end. Luckily, Lincoln was able to see how much of an impact it would be, if he were to make a change in what he could do the most. Therefore, I strongly believe this book is a wonderful example to show others how Lincoln did whatever he could to change lives.


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