Abraham Lincoln Tragedies and Victories

Abraham Lincoln’s life has been so many ups and downs in his life he is an example of how determined and persistent a person can be. Let’s start at the beginning of his life with some of the failures that happened in his early life. In 1816 his family was forced of of their home because of this he had to work to support his family and himself. Then a huge tragedy happened in 1818 when his mother Nancy Lincoln died of milk sickness because of a plant that had something very bad in it. He had some time from all these tragedies but it ends up getting even worse abraham Lincoln ended up falling in business in 1831. In 1832 he ran for state legislative then lost ,but that wasn’t it this year he also lost his job and tried to go to law school ,but failed they didn’t let him in . In 1833 he declared bankruptcy due to business failure again him and his friend decided to open a business when the economy was booming but his own sales where completely a bismol as dept’s mounted.

Which he owned 1,000 dollars to the bank he only had two assets remaining after all this it being his horse and some surveying equipment he had to pay this Debt for the next seventeen years. Lincoln worked as a boatman, store clerk, surveyor, militia soldier, and became a lawyer in Illinois. He was elected to the Illinois Legislature in 1834 which was one of his first triumph in his life. In 1835 It started looking good for abraham Lincoln he was engaged to his lovely sweetheart Ann Rutledge when she dies to a fever called typhoid she was buried at the Old Concord Burial Ground, Petersburg, Illinois. After the death in Abraham Lincoln was severely depressed to the point where he stopped carrying knives for the fact he might end up killing himself with it even his friends thought he was going to go insane over this. He would first have to walk six miles to her garvestone so he could put his arm over the mound of dirt that covered her body and weep ,but then had a huge nervous breakdown and a combination of depression as well put him in bed for six months half a year where he didn’t want to eat losing a myriad of weight.

This was probably one of the worse if not the worse tragedies to happen to abraham Lincoln. In 1840-1843 he sought to become a elector and ran for Congress being denied both times, but there was a very good thing that happened to abraham Lincoln in 1842 he married a girl by the name of Marry Todd she was born on December 13, 1818 Her family were slaveholders, and Mary was raised in comfort and refinement. When Mary was six, her mother died in childbirth. After that fact her father re-married Elizabeth Betzy Humphreys they had a difficult relationship with each other she was a huge supporter to abraham Lincoln when he went for presidency. things started to look up for abraham Lincoln ran for Congress again in 1846 this time he finally won and they sent him to Washington he did a really good job which made him look really well.

After that he ran for Congress re-election in 1848 and he lost which is just a tragedy that he do really good than can’t be re-elected. Then the huge triumph in his life was being elected in 1860 as the United States president. Lincoln played a huge role in the Civil War on 1861 abraham Lincoln provided crucial info to the war and was a very good war strategist he used his skills to force the Confederate hand with his decision to resupply the fort, which had suddenly become an outpost in a hostile nation. The Southern navy turned away the supply convoy and then fired the first shot of the war at Fort Sumter, forcing the Federal defenders to surrender after a 34-hour battle. Throughout the war it was difficult to find good war generals as commander-in-chief, he held the highest rank in the United States armed forces no one had more power than him, and he often exercised his authority through strategic planning, weapons testing, and the promotion and demotion of officers.

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