Abraham Lincoln as a President of Us

Abraham Lincoln single-handedly change the world in the best ways possible just by following his heart and wanting the absolute best for his people and for his country. Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president and arguably the most impactful one because of how much he did for the U.S. and how many lives he helped. He was a self-made man, liberator of slaves, and the savior of the union. Lincoln is also known for his famous speech “The Gettysburg address”. Lincoln unfortunately had a short life due to his assassination on April 15, 1865 at the Peterson House in Washington D.C. Abraham was a very controversial man and was loved by most but hated by many. The 16th president of this country completely changed millions of lives just by his morals.

Lincoln was the first president who made his opposition to slavery open and clear. He did not care about how many southern voters he would lose when it came time to Election Day because he stood up for what he believed in. In 1863, Lincoln nonetheless issued the Emancipation Proclamation which freed all of the slaves that were under Confederate control. Lincoln saved over 20,000 slaves from Confederate rule and gave people the chance to live their own lives. He gave them a chance to start over, have a real home and a real family, have family dinners, smile, have unforgettable moments, and have the smallest things mean the most just like we do everyday. These people were being tortured in hot fields, not being fed properly, being beaten and used, were always sleeping on cold grounds or even in the fields where they worked; Lincoln gave them a shot at a regular life.

Abraham Lincoln was the president to successfully end of the Civil War to preserve the nation. Abraham was an extremely strong leader, his ambition and his beliefs won us a war and he kept his promises that he made to the nation. The last battle fought was in Texas in May 3, 1865. Robert E. Lee ended up surrendering the last of the confederate army to Ulysses S. Grant. Abraham was so committed to his choice to end slavery that he didn’t back down. That commitment and that confidence won us the war and preserved the Union.

Lincoln changed so many broken hearted people‘s point of view with “The Gettysburg Address”. He connected the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers with the desire for “a new birth of freedom”. He cited the importance of human equality that was in the Declaration of Independence. With his speech alone, he told all of the family and friends of the fallen soldiers that their deaths weren’t for nothing and that they had an important role in the new country to come. He made sure that everyone knew that he was supporting equality and that everything will be made right.

Lincoln was such a big inspiration that when he was assassinated the nation was devastated. Within days of his death, his life was being compared to that of Jesus Chris because he was such a huge inspiration to so many people and he was looked at as if he was a god.. A volume of condolences was published with collected responses from every corner of the globe by people who cared for him, were inspired by him, wanted to thank him, loved him, and even wanted to praise him.. His death was a test for the country and its strength to see if losing such a big inspiration would weaken us or make us stronger. Abraham Lincoln’s death impacted so many people because of his accomplishments for the U.S., which shows that he did a lot for his people and he had such a major impact of their lives that they were absolutely heartbroken and crushed as if they lost a family member.

Lincoln was given many important life-changing decisions to make during his presidency and he was strong enough to not fall under pressure and do what his heart believed was right. Many people were telling Lincoln to end the war early because it wasn’t worth the deaths and the lost of money, but Lincoln didn’t buckle. He was majorly hated during his presidency for his opposition to slavery and that hate towards him only made his will stronger. Many people said they wish they had Lincoln’s ambition and his courage because through everything he followed his own heart and by doing that he changed millions of people’s lives forever. Lincoln faced many extremely difficult tasks and angry people just to follow what he believed was the best for his people and his country, then he won us the war. He also helped many bleeding hearts still healing from the loss of their family in the war and helped free all of the African Americans that the Confederates used for their own selfish desires.

Millions and even billions of lives were changed by just one man and his decision to make the world a better place. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be open that he was against slavery and established the Emancipation Proclamation. He preserved the union when winning the Civil War and afterwards gave a very heartfelt speech about how the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the war did it for a purpose and were heroes for losing their lives for such an important cause, he called it the called “The Gettysburg Address”. His main concern through all of the hate and all of the pressure was his people and his country. Lincoln was the most kind hearted and confident president in history who accomplished some of the most amazing things in his time of presidency and even lost his life to fight for us.

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