Animal Overpopulation and Abandonment

Zoe Rosenberg could be one of the best teen activist for animal rights that the world has ever seen. Through her persistent efforts, she has had outstanding results. Zoe has gone to extreme ways of getting her message out, including running on to a field at a Dodger’s game, chaining herself to a slaughterhouse, and performing the first broad daylight rescue in American history.

Zoe is an activist for all animals but especially for farm animals. Farm animals like chickens, cows, and pigs. They rescue farm animals from overpopulated meat, eggs, and milk producers that treat their animals terrible. For example, egg farms abandon their chickens when they can’t produce eggs. Dairy farms take the cows from their moms right when they are born, taking the nutrients they need from them. Pig farms keep the pigs in a pen full of their own feces and mud.

Zoe’s love was so strong for her cause that she did something illegal to get the word out. She knew it was wrong, but her passion for her cause was so big that she just had to do it. Zoe had run onto a Dodger’s game in protest. Zoe had protested because the stadium’s hot dogs were bought from a vendor who treats their animal unethically. She was arrested and questioned, but she still feels her actions were for a great cause.

Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary is an organization that rescues and rehabilitates animals, but it also gives some animals a good end to their life. Happy Hen Animal Rescue was founded in 2014 by Zoe Rosenberg and her mom. Zoe was only 11, and since then, they have saved 600 farm animals from dying. Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary has saved chickens from the sides of roads that were abandoned, chickens from the Thomas fire(a large wildfire in California), and a dog from the middle of the street.

Zoe Rosenberg has a powerful voice that won’t be silenced. Her voice and plan for action is what is shaping her to be the best teen activist for animals. She has spread so much awareness, and she won’t stop. Her actions and great passion for her cause are what make her a great role model and activist. “ According to ASPCA, an animal is abused every 10 seconds in this country,” (Roswell)That’s 3 million+ each year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adopt an abused animal. Many abused animals make a full recovery,

Champ is a beagle who was found with acid burns across his whole body. The burns were so bad that the rescuers couldn’t tell he was a dog. Through the help of his rescuers, Champ was able to make a full recovery both physically and mentally. He now has a permanent family and has been on The Martha Stewart Show.

Michael Vick’s dogs are a group of dogs found from a dog fighting company. There were 51 dogs and against all odds 47 of them rehabilitated and now have permanent homes. One of them is now a therapy dog for children. Their story was even told in the bestselling book The Lost Dogs. Although they made great recoveries they still face challenges in daily life.

Although there is no research, through many reports I can conclude that many abused animals make full to almost full recoveries. By adopting from a rescue you are giving a dog another shot at a good life and you are also contributing to the issue of overpopulation of dogs(see chapter 5) by not adopting from breeders. In conclusion, many animals make recoveries from abuse and you could help them even more by adopting them.

Animal Overpopulation is a sad, terrible problem, but it is solvable. By making sure you have your animal spayed or neuter or making sure that if you are allowing your animal to be pregnant that you have people to adopt her kids or take them in yourself. Their are 2 main issues leading to overpopulation. The first is that you allow your animal to get pregnant with little chance of finding a home for their kids. The second is owners abandoning their pets. Millions of pets per year are euthanized due to overcrowded shelters. The Humane center wants all pets to be spayed or neutered, but the health risks should always be assessed. They even allow in some EXTREME cases that termination of the pregnancy, but again the health risks should be assessed.

A rescue worker stated that most pets that come in from homes don’t usually get adopted because they are usually older, don’t adjust to the new environment, and are reluctant to new owners. There are many excuses used when leaving a pet at a shelter such as there is an unknown allergy that was recently found, but that can be treated. Also, you can be too sick to care for your pet, or a person dies and has no arrangements to take care of their pet. Other frequently used excuses for dropping off their pet is moving, behavioral issues and the owners weren’t properly ready for their animal.

Overall you should never just leave your animal. Make sure you have his/her spayed or neutered or have plans for what to do if they get pregnant. Also by having proper arrangements for when you die or move away. In conclusion, Animal Overpopulation and Abandonment is indeed an issue, but one easily solved.

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