Ageism Would Affect My Life Negatively

What Charley had experience at the gym is called Ageism. Ageism is discrimination based on a person’s age. Over the years we have noticed a shift were elderly, aged people were valued for their knowledge too now where they have eluded self identity. Charley shouldn’t stop from running for the town council elections just because two people think that elderly people shouldn’t be a part of the government. Instead, Charley should use that as motivation and run. He should prove to the younger generation people that age doesn’t have anything to do with the conditions of the country and has no effect on the government. Condition of the country has to do with what the people of the country are doing. Older, age people should run for government positions because they are wiser and have life experience which help us from not repeating the same mistakes. B.Charley should being disheartened by what he heard because that’s just two peoples opinions. If he runs for town council he will be protected by different policies and acts are placed for protection against age discrimination in employment. For example in Ageism in America it stated that “the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the main public policy implications stemming from the existence of ageism in the work-place are the need to increase awareness…” this is just one example there are many more for all different types of jobs. There are even programs designed to help older people to find jobs and assistance. If this is what Charley wants and is passionate about, then he shouldn’t be discouraged by what those two men said because there laws and programs out there to protect him and assist him for when he runs for town council.

If Charley’s friends continue to support him after he tell them what he heard he will run. C.My first suggestion would be to speak up about what about you believe in. Don’t let people’s opinions stop you from doing so. Second, suggestion would be to keep an open mind because if you think negatively, you will not be able to run. Lastly I suggest people to surround themselves with people with the same ideologies and beliefs like theirs. This will keep you motivated and encouraged you to run. D. If I wake up tomorrow and I’m 85-year old will be based on the reading I would be like Charley an active individual, but I would let other people’s ideas and thoughts get to me. Ageism would affect my life negatively because after hearing stereotypical things like these I will feel depression and unwanted which can lead to other major affects. I would want to isolate myself. I would feeling like I don’t belong or I am out of place. I am already a sensitive person so these saying will have a major effect on me. I would need some to help getting out of the depressing state.