Understanding of Ageism Among Society and Media

Today’s visit was about ageism. When I went there, we talked about ageism. Mrs. Joseph was a professor at UNCG and was well familiar with word “Ageism”, so we had a good conversation about it. I started our conversation by asking her some questions and discussing about her experience about ageism, ageism at work, healthcare, or any other places, problems in our society with ageism, and her views, and tolerate age discrimination in our society. She said that she has faced ageism at many places, including workplace, stores, and hospital. Everyone experiences ageism after first a wrinkle or gray hair begins to show. She said ageism is broadly prevalent and the all members of the adult group face it at least once in their life. Like sexism and racism, ageism also serves a social and economic purpose. She said ageism is not about how we look, but it’s about what influence and though people have when they see us. By sharing her experience, she said that she went to see her PCP couple weeks ago because of bad fever, cough, and cold. They kept her in the waiting room for 45 minutes before she could see her PCP. When she was mad because of the long wait, the front desk receptionist gave her “stink eye” and ignored the question. When she asked again, she gave her an angry look and asked her to leave. She said negative age discrimination is not limited to one social or ethnic group, but it’s widely held across the society.

She also asked me if India’s elderly people face ageism and how do they fight it. Ageism could also have bad impact on health because emotional pain is worse than physical pain. She said some adults are subjected to some negative stereotypes such as unwanted, useless, childlike, burden, etc. It could have serious mental and physical effects, including less desire to live a healthy lifestyle, and decrease willing to live. Older people are at higher risk of getting the disease. She said I also have arthritis, diabetes, kidney impairment, and hypertension. So, we should encourage and motivate them. When I asked her about the remedy of age discrimination, she said it will require a new understanding by all generations. Increasing knowledge, understanding of ageism among society and media, employer, and public, refusing to support those who discriminate, joining or supporting group that oppose ageism is the best way to tackle ageism. Also, Older people should not let their self to be pushed because they are older. They should speak up, develop positive attitude, stay mentally and physically active, surround their self with younger people, be positive, engage in the world, Be familiar with technology, Exercise, and volunteer. It would encourage them to develop confidence, gain motivation, and be physically and mentally strong.

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