Adopting and Child’s Ethnicity

Adopting is not the call to have the perfect rosy family. It is the call to give love mercy and patience”. This is from hope for adoption. In the beginning international adoption and any other adoptions are different. Choosing international adoption requires prior knowledge. To put it another way, international adoption needs the adopter to look at reasons and consequences before adopting. There are certain things to keep in mind when going through international adoption process. Those certains things could be what is international adoption, how international adoption works. Another things to consider is that the government and laws should be more restricted to protect adopter and adoptee. The adopter should have brief background about who the child is and also about their identities. They should look more about the child health and issues for example cultural issues, language and the age of the child that may come up when the child is away from their own family and move to their adopter home. In the first place, international adoption means he legal adoption children born i foreign countries.

Manay parents who have the intention to adopt international do not have better knowledge of how the process work. Even though united states give permission for the child to enter by granting a visa, this still does not provide citizenship, nor does it need any state to issue a birth certificate.( TenenBaum, harlan). Foreign adoption has a long and difficul process, The process may take for long period depending on the country. “ Of the more thatn one million people in the united sates who wish to adopt, mnay aouples and individuals seek adopt from abroad” ( TeneBaub). When adopting is better to have a lawyer and agency that helps go through all these process Is prefer to have good knowledge on how they work . The person you may work msy scam you. Is better to kniow if you have under control when the process is going. Another way to help adopting parents to choose the best way is to improve the government and laws. Making  those two strong will insure the protection of both sides of adopting and the adoptee.The U.S will help those families and communities in need to obtain their rights and keep their kids at home (Schuster).

The U.S will try to help their citizenship to be able to adopt in by the U.S laws. “ The decline in international adoption but it usually has to do with politics and government regulation” ( Bahar, Katie). For the past years international adoption decline due the problems with government and politics. There was changes that connected with this problems for example china’s one child policy become know which led to abandoned of many orphans that need to be adopted. Because of the rules China  have made it difficult for some people to adopt. 3rd body paragraph The adopter should have brief knowledge about the child. Overall, children who come all across the world have different background ( Schuster). The adopter should not be less knowledgeable the child. Even international adoption have laws and permission to give to foreign adoption limits in order to adopt kids from another country (Tenenbaum, harlan). The state that child is living may have some problems they face or hard ways in order to be adopted. The government will no limit you to explore beyond about the ground of the child.

Families who decide to pursue international adoption must understand that the background and health information they will receive about their child will likely be incomplete and may be unreliable. Frequently, changing political situations increase the uncertainties of international adoption, and countries may alter their guidelines or close their adoption programs without notice.4th paragraph Adopting a child from another country almost always means that the adoptive family will become a transracial or cross cultural family, which brings special responsibilities. For the child to develop self-esteem and pride, family members must incorporate into their everyday lifestyle elements of the child’s original culture, including friendships with people of the child’s ethnicity. To enter the United States under current immigration laws, the child adopted internationally must be orphaned or abandoned or have only one living parent, who is incapable of providing care.

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