World War II: Pearl Harbor

Have you ever wondered that the World War II and the Holocaust were very important part in history. About seventy years ago World War II started and it was a very hard time for everyone. Over the us there are many historical events like Pearl Harbor, WWII Museum, and a WWII National park. In most situations the us has been through hard times but we rewarded the people that fought hard and the people that have passed away. The reason why these events are so important to history is the started modern technology like plastic, nuclear warfare, and many more. As history goes on the us must remember the important passed because history may repeat itself, and lead into devastation.

Pearl Harbor was a very devastating tragedy where the Japanese flew planes over our us navy ships and shot at them. When the Japanese got shot down by our ships they would kamikaze into the ships to destroy and damage the most they could do. According to they stated, “On december 7th 1941 a little bit before 8 A.m. the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor crippled or destroyed nearly 20 American ships and more than 300 airplanes” (Pearl Harbor-History). Pearl Harbor is located in near Honolulu, Hawaii. Since Japan was only four thousand miles away There for no one ever thought that the Japanese would never start a war with the us. Because the military leaders never thought that Pearl Harbor was so close to the us that the Japanese would never attack a area that was closer to the home county.

As the day continued on the Japanese were still continuing to bomb the area, “Less than two hours later, the surprise attack was over, and every battleship in Pearl Harbor—USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, USS California, USS West Virginia, USS Utah, USS Maryland, USS Pennsylvania, USS Tennessee and USS Nevada—had sustained significant damage” (Pearl Harbor-History). As the day went on 1,800 tons of bombs, and bullets were put into the ships, and two thousand four hundred and three sailors , soldiers or civilian were killed or drowned in the ships. This day was a very tragic event in history, so we keep this in our memories, and memorialise this event so we can respect the tragic passed and, show people that we respect our country and its passed.

The WWII museum is a good place where people can remember what all has happened in WWII, and learn what you don’t know. The WWII museum is a very historical learning place. According to The National WWII Museum it states,”Since its opening day on D-Day – June 6, 2000 – nearly two million visitors have toured the National WWII Museum”(The National WWII Museum). In my opinion this museum is a very historical place so people realise how hard and how greatful the us is to be free.

Another reason why I think that the museum can be very good for learning so the us and any tourist can learn about WWII and the Holocaust. The National WWII Museum also states,”Visitors can see first-hand the work it takes to preserve and restore some of the treasures of WWII”(The National WWII Museum). In all the museum can help us remember the past so it will never happen again. In the end The National WWII Museum is a extremely helpful place to learn about the past.

The National WWII Memorial is a great place to respect the sixteen million people that served in WWII, and also a very respectful area. According to The National WWII Memorial states,”The National World War II Memorial honors the 16 million people who served as part of the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, including more than 400,000 who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country”(Washington Dc). In my opinion The National WWII Memorial is a respectful place to realize that people have given their life to help the us be a free country. The WWII National Memorial is also a very emotional place because it’s reminds the people of the past and how hard it is.

The National WWII Memorial also states,”Be sure to look for the memorial’s two tough-to-find inscriptions of “Kilroy was here,” another powerful American symbol from World War II. The saying represents the presence of U.S. soldiers, and was scribbled (with an accompanying doodle) at numerous locations during the war”(Washington Dc). In my opinion the us has been a very grateful country, because if the sixteen million soldiers didn’t stand up for the us in the war we might not be free. The us is also very grateful because the memorial helps the us remember the past of WWII so history will never repeat itself.

Over the decades the us has been very grateful because the soldiers risk their lives to help the world that we as a country will be free and will never stop fighting, because our freedom will never end. In the three memorials the us respects them , because they sacrificed their lives to help the us have a better life. In the end the us will never give up even through the hard times, and will respect the fallen soldiers, and also respect the fallen innocents.