Why We Need Uniforms

Have you ever woke up late and had to think about what you are going to wear because you did not lay your clothes the night before? There are several reasons why uniforms should be required in school but I only touch base on a few like bullying and unsuitable clothes and money. Schools should be required to wear uniforms. One reason why there should be uniforms is that it will reduce bullying.

In Anna Starechesk’s article “Should schools tell you how to dress” she states “ If everyone is wearing the same thing nobody will be picked on for their clothes. Therefore kids that are poor and wear a uniform won’t get teased for their outfit. The children who are bullying would have to pick on them for something else other than their clothes. They would have to know them to make fun of them. This will not get rid of all bullying just most of it.

Another reason why there should be uniforms is because of inappropriate clothing. In Anna Starechesk’s article three states “I can’t find skirts that any longer because of my height.” This shows that certain girls can’t find clothes that fit their body shape.

Most girls want to feel included. So they will dress like other girls that are underdressed. If they all wear uniforms there won’t be any bad clothing. Students may disagree because they want to express themselves. The article “Uniforms: The pros and cons” by Grace Chen explain that “ By denying students the opportunity to fully express their unique personality through the clothing they select. This proves that the clothes they wear let them be themself.

Students think that uniforms are uncomfortable and uncalled for. The children should Express their feelings by wearing the clothes they want. The last reason there should be uniforms is that it saves money. In the article “ Challenges for back to school parents: Money, sleep schedules state “I pay around $17,152.19 each for my children.” This means parents are pinging ten times more to go to stores but you would pay less if you bought uniforms. You only would need to pay for four shirts, 2 skirts and 2 pairs of pants and you wouldn’t have to pay for the rest of the year.

Germs can save up to hundreds to thousands of dollars for children’s colleges. In conclusion, there should be uniforms. There would be a lower risk of bullying, unseemly clothing and, it would cost less. This is important because nobody wants to get picked on and nobody wants to see any skin showing and everyone wants to pay less. It will help you in the future.