What i Got from the Stanford Prison Experiment

After reading this article it one my eyes to new information about corrections and how it was developed. And how psychology and corrections work together and how it affects the human mind and body and the effect between guards and prisoners. Watching videos and reading about the experiment it really shows that a person being a prison could lead to different behavior and psychological breakdown.

What I got from the experiment at Stanford University. Is that when you put someone from a regular lifestyle and you put them in a prison you going to get different results. People are not used to being in a cell for days and for hours it could lead to a lot of psychological problems. For example, during the experiment, a student had the same results as an inmate in another prison (Zoukis, 2017). That isolated confinement is bad and it could cause psychological and body damage. And also, if a person in uniform they going to change their attitude towards the inmates (Zoukis, 2017). In this case, I learn that when but people in a situation like being in prison.

The part I learn in this experiment it was when you give someone the authority over other people they could change. The guards in this experiment they were given authority they used the authority for a few hours then they started to abuse the inmates ( Mcleod, 2018). It shows me that when a person has the authority they going to do their job but they going to abuse it.

I also got out it that the inmates take longer than the guard. In this case guards, they just to wake up the inmates at 2:30 am ( Mcleod, 2018). In which case I learn that wake-up someone at around that time it could cause them harm because they going to be sleeping. And they don’t know what they doing.

The other part about this experiment that I find interesting is that. The students started acting like real inmates ( Mcleod, 2018). It really made me think that the student started to be effective by the prison life in a psychological aspect of the person . In which case it show that a person is influenced by their environment they are in.

The physical punishment also teaches us that the prison life is not easy. Their physical punishment during the experiment it was to do push-ups ( Mcleod, 2018). If we look into the real-life prison we could see that the inmates have been physical damage. That could lead to other problems down the road.

But overall the experiment show us a lot of things that go around the prison life that we don’t realize. We as a society do not see that but when those people come out of prison they have been psychological damage and psychological damage. That could lead to other problems in people life.

In conclusion is a good experiment that opens a lot of minds and eyes in today society. But it really thought me a lot of things I did n’t know.


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