To What Extent Should Medical Marijuana be Accessible

Our group is researching about medical marijuana. A big debate going around the world is if marijuana should be legal at all. Every state in the U.S isn’t allowed to have medical marijuana. A lot of questions are being asked. Should marijuana be allowed for small things such as headache and small colds and coughs. Or should it be allowed only for big issues such as cancer. what states are going to allow it, should all states allow it can people that do not have transportation be able to grow it at home. Or will transportation be given. Medical marijuana has had a big effect on people’s life when used correctly. Medical marijuana is a very big deal it doesn’t need to be taken lightly.

I am looking at this topic from a political and historical point of view. There is a lot of history on where marijuana began and when the question for it to be medicinal came about. In 2737 BC Chinese legend emperor Shen Neng was the first to prescribe marijuana tea to illness. The tea treated many illnesses such as malaria, (remittent fever caused when the red blood cells are invaded by parasites) poor memory and gout (a disease that causes arthritis feet, episodes of acute pain. In 2000-1400 BC is when other places such as Japan and Asia. Not only did they use it medicinally but also recreationally and religiously. On April 2015 in the US 23 states legalized medical marijuana. Only people with certain situations could use it. Which included some cancer patients, children with epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV AIDS, stress disorder Parkinson’s disease and many more.

Politically, medical marijuana changes all the time. It is the therapy that has received much national attention. The use and acceptance of medicinal cannabis is always evolution. There is a growth number of states that are now permitting use for specific indications. A national survey was given out to see if majority are in favor of legalizing marijuana. The trend of favor is similar to the flow of in favor of same sex marriage. People still agree with it. A graph that was made every year shows the rate has gone up for the American’s who think it should be legal. The legalization of the opinion has not changed.

For the people eighteen to twenty nine years of age. Forty four percent strongly support thirty-four approved but not that high. The democrats agree that it should be legal everywhere only twenty one percent of republicans agree with legalizing marijuana.