Why we should Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana has been used for medicinal usage throughout the history of humans. Even though it benefits us greatly, it has not been legalized in the US and many parts of the world. Our government and many others have been scared to take the step on legalization. Even though legal weed can help people that smoke it, it also helps other people get jobs. It also provides the state/government money so they can help the community.” If weed was legal it would show many advantages to most pupils’ lives, whether directly through smoking it or seeing changes in your environment/community.

Throughout time it has helped with physical and mental pain. When you are high it relaxes your muscles, which helps relieve soreness, and tightness of your muscles. Teens and adults now more than ever are being affected by anxiety, depression, ADHD, because of stress from school, and work. Both adults and teens need to find healthy ways to help with their problems. Most adults partake in drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes to help deal with their problems Both alcohol and tobacco are very bad for health.

Tobacco directly kills us, humans, by giving us multiple kinds of cancers, rotting teeth. It leads to addiction which can result in dependence of tobacco, which over time can and most likely will kill you. Alcohol has always been around humans since the day we created it. Helping many adults get away from reality and helping them get through hardships. On the other hand, marijuana has never killed anyone directly and has not yet shown any cancer agents at all. It has no addictive chemicals, no random chemicals made at a plant. It is completely natural because it is a plant. The passage “The Pros and Cons of medical marijuana” says smoking anything, whether its tobacco or marijuana can damage your lungs. Now, this is true, oxygen is supposed to be in your lungs, only oxygen.

Now smoking weed over a long period of time can damage your lungs but smoking is not the only way to enjoy it, and get help from it. Other common ways are eating it, taking it in a pill or ingesting it in oil form (Pros and cons of smoking medical marijuana). These are healthier ways that give the same effect that still helps as a medicine. So even though the government says all these bad things about it they are leaving out the most important pieces, there are healthy ways to use marijuana, it helps us physically and mentally. It also is a very probable chance that it may be one of the things to cure cancer since it is proven to help prevent cancers. The text “The pros and cons of medical marijuana” says “vomiting. Studies have shown that pharmaceutical cannabis can decrease nausea caused by chemotherapy used to treat cancer and almost completely eliminate vomiting.” So it helps people in many different health positive ways.

We all need our ways to take a break from everything, to get away from everyone. Some people do yoga, workout, meditate, play video games alone or with friends. Some people take it a step more and partake in drinking, which is very unhealthy. Many people smoke weed because it relaxes your body and makes you feel calm and at peace. Many people need this kind of break. Mainly due to stress at school/work, helps with dealing with people in our lives, and gives us a chance to be happier than usual. To take it a step forward it helps us be more creative, which helps and can help writers, songwriters, artists, chefs, etc. It shows us different ways to do things. It literally makes us think differently. It literally makes us think differently. It makes you think convergently.

The journal “Consciousness and Cognition” recently did a study on how weed makes us more creative, and they found out that people who smoke have a more convergent way of thinking; which makes people who smoke have more openness to experience”. So weed helps us think better, helps us get away from everyday life, and it makes us creative. Why is this wrong? Why can’t we get away from everything in a healthy way legally? Right now tobacco and alcohol make the government a lot of money as it’s taxed very high. As more research has been done on cigarettes, the most common way to smoke tobacco, it has shown to cause cancer and many health problems.

Many people want to make cigarettes illegal because of their health concerns. But the government has ignored them, they pushed to make it more expensive through taxes, but that did not solve anything. They are making too much off of the product to make it illegal. This is a big problem. There are few things the government can do. What they should do is legalize weed. Why? This is the solution because it is healthier than other methods of being free, and taking a break. The government would have a healthier image because it could make taxes from weed. Which does not kill the users, it helps them. Cigarette users would be more inclined to smoke weed.

The government could finally destroy cigarettes, which its time has come. In the passage “Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana in the U.S” it says “If marijuana were legalized and regulated, the industry could generate up to $106.7 billion annually for local, state, and federal governments.” This was based on 4 years in colorado. This is a crazy amount of money that can be made to help out every single person in the US. Marijuana arrests make the judicial system clogged. As a teen, if arrested for marijuana you can suffer very harsh punishments that an unfair and can serve as a “life punishment” (Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana in the U.S). Is it really worth it to keep cigarettes in the country? When there is something healthier and better to make taxes and help the injustice, and strain in the judicial system.

So overall when you look at all the facts about marijuana, does it really seem all that bad? Weed needs to be legal, It helps with everyone, whether it’s your health, your community, or our very government. Helping in various ways, preventing cancer, giving our government the money it needs to protect and further advance our society. Marijuana is the big step that we need to take, and the sooner the better.

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