The Worst Supreme Court Fight

The current event has evoked discussion and turmoil across our entire country. The citizens of America are conflicted between following the principles of traditional America, and their founding morals the nation was based on, and their better judgment and modern perspectives. Basing our major decisions on the fundamentals of our founding documents has always been entrusting.

However, having these major decisions made by unfit individuals is damaging and harmful to our nation, only creating new setbacks and opportunities for conflict. Divided and angry senators voted 50-48 to endorse a lifetime seat on the court for Kavanaugh. The revealing juxtaposed hearing is questioned by the New York Times Article to be the “… the Worst Supreme Court Fight?”, asking readers to be the judge. The nomination of Kavanaugh and the hearing to discuss the Ford allegation of sexual assault have further divided an already badly divided nation. The Senate voted to send Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday, ushering in a generational conservative majority and delivering a huge victory to President Donald Trump after a vicious confirmation battle inflamed by allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh.

As referred to previously, a member of the supreme court justice must meet extensive expectations and possess respectable qualities, these do not include expressing power, by taking advantage of it. The appalling hearing in the Senate caused uproar by many communities expecting more, as in a decision to benefit all and appealing to the victims justice. Justice, was not merely served, as the investigation into the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford was inadequate. As the FBI was only given a week to do its work, an unacceptably short amount of time when taken into consideration the thorough investigations into other allegations about Kavanaugh’s behavior in high school and college which should have been put into place. Had that been done, it would have diffused some, though certainly not all, anger over the nomination.

President Trump’s mocking of Ford’s testimony at another of his divisive partisan rallies Thursday only contributed to the sense that Ford wasn’t going to get a fair consideration from Senate Republicans and to the sense that women who come forward with allegations of sexual assault won’t be treated fairly by the justice system. One might think that a politician must stay unbiased accepting of all and open minded to the changes in modern society. In previous rulings as a federal judge, Kavanaugh has been highly deferential to presidential power, a quality that may have been an important factor in Trump’s decision to choose him from a long list of other qualified conservative judges. Kavanaugh may have seen, “playing up to the president” as a action to keep him in the safe. There is a chance that this decision led him to feel no need to impress the general public in his public speakings. As stated by a retired Supreme Court Justice member, potential bias’ he showed in his recent Senate confirmation hearing. Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said Thursday that he no longer believes Brett Kavanaugh is qualified for a seat on the Supreme Court because of his performance during last week’s confirmation hearings.

Referencing the court hearings analysed previously, kavanaugh said he welcomes any type of investigation and was open to exposing the “truth” during hearings over a sexual assault allegation against him. However not long after he lashed out at what he called a “calculated and orchestrated political hit, fueled with apparent pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election,” claiming that “revenge on behalf of the Clintons” had played a role. Democrats and other critics argued that Kavanaugh’s testimony raised questions about his temperament and political bias, with some arguing it could be disqualifying. His remarks raise serious doubts about whether he is capable of rendering fair, impartial judgments on cases coming before the court that will affect millions of Americans. It is fair to say that the supreme court itself may have a biased aspect of opinions, due to the fact that in the 228 -year history of the Supreme Court, only 5.3% of justices have been women or minorities.

This supports the fact that the only way Kavanaugh found himself with such a high position is because of the reputation the authorities in America would prefer to continue. Another factor is that the Partisan fervor over Supreme Court nominations in the United States is nearly as old as the republic itself. The nation has changed immensely, however the mindset of many conservative republicans, inconveniently revert our Political system to times of the past. As distinctly demonstrated by Article Two of the United States Constitution “he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint … Judges of the supreme Court…” it is required that the President of the United States nominates Supreme Court Justices and, with Senate confirmation, requires Justices to be appointed. Certainly this has been executed, however. Was it the appropriate decision?. Regarding today’s modern issues and disputes. This gaping discrepancy worries many minorities and communities which take part in a constant fight to have their voices heard. The nation is suffering as we are all at risk of returning to a time period in which rich white men say what’s right and wrong and women have no say over their own bodies. One could argue that the higher law makes no mistakes, as the individuals a hold of such power must have deserved it. The very disputational topic should not determine our credibility as a nation, as there was much more to the decision than only the negatives. If Kavanaugh is seen as deserving and qualified by the president, we shall not question the conclusion.

The newly voted Supreme Court members qualifications include, serving on the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C circuit, and often being referred to as the Nation’s “second highest court,” for more than 12 years. He has plenty experience writing more than 300 opinions and heard more than 2,000 cases. While these do not prove his intellectual integrity, but only his understanding and knowledge, which is as it seems just as important. He is a reputable man who clearly impressed the administrators of the settlement. As at least 13 of his opinions have been vindicated by the Supreme Court, an unparalleled record of influence and success has been extended across the ideological spectrum. In addition, the only factor which was even taken into consideration, as being significant enough to divergently influence the vote, would be the sexual assault allegations against this – quote on quote – (Donald Trump) qualified and deserving individual. This represents the pinnacle of a decades-long undertaking by the conservative movement to construct a like-minded majority on the Supreme Court which has been a defining and unifying cause in successive congressional and presidential campaigns.

It is no secret that Kavanaugh is a staunch conservative, and that our Nation is controlled and steered by the same types of individuals. The mans reputation and traditional (outdated) perspective seemed ‘safe’ and attractive to those in power, possibly in hopes of our government remaining as it is. He was said to be qualified and worthy, however experience and knowledge should not be the only qualifications nowadays seen as important and deciding, especially when there are other underlying factors present. A, for example, sexual assault allegation must not be disregarded, in favor of the possible predator, due to opportunities being available to them. One may be forgiven, however this man was rewarded, maybe only directly for his perseverance, but there is more belonging to a human than just the good. Republicans have now taken a victory lap on what was hailed by the President as a ‘historic night.’ While for others their lives, including confidence and faith have just begun to derail. As Kavanaugh’s confirmation leaves the Republicans and Democrats as estranged as at any time in recent memory, reflecting the capacious divides in the country, during a presidency that has alreasy ignited rare political passions.

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