The Use of Genetically Modified Crops is Good or Bad

The use of genetically modified crops is a significant matter that is hugely being discussed because of the fact that it might help the food security and availability increase in the third world, where it is needed the most. There are two main kinds of GMOs:

  1. The ones that produce insecticide
  2. The ones that are tolerant to herbicide

The use of GMOs has some disadvantages. For example we do not know the long term effect of using GMOs such as BT, that is a crystal protein which is naturally synthesized by the bacterium bacillus thuringiensis, on ecology in third world in general. BT had been used in some farms and it didn’t show a good result.

One important factor is that GMOs can cause extreme allergic reactions and are a danger to susceptible individuals and as a kind of soya bean was produced in brazil and was removed from the market after a while due to causing allergic reactions. One very bold problem of using GM pesticide tolerant crops is that the genes could get into pathogenic germs and lead them to produce anti-biotic tolerant germs which can increase the matter of anti-biotic resistance, which is intern a worldwide health matter.

Our focus should be on bringing together young and new thoughts of people of the world and make them a space to participate and find a new way to make GMOs more available in order to it being lower-cost for local farmers in the third world so that they can afford it, and that way, Not only will it do the world hunger a significant change, but it will have a good effect on economics as well, with it being a good position for money earning which will result in less poverty.

There have been some problems with GMOs in the past but nowadays since the technology has largely advanced and has become cheaper, even in the developing countries, it’s a great opportunity to grow GMOs even in small farms. In developing countries there are many wrong beliefs addressing the fact that GMOs are a new-made technology and because it is unknown they think that it can’t do any good to them and they seem to have problems understanding how it can change the economy and how it’s the future of food production.

Diversity of the kinds of GMOs is high and it can benefit the people in need of food in many different ways if its provided with proper technology and it can evidently do no harm. When the food is genetically changed it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unsafe, just as there are many natural things that are threatening to human life like arsenic and nicotine.

There is genetically modified rice, which is a very suitable product for developing countries, such as poor countries in Africa that people generally have a lack of vitamins, because it contains nutrients such as vitamin A.

Overall there are advantages and disadvantages to using GMOs, but there are privileges we can’t possibly ignore, and we can hope to have more discoveries about this issue in the future.

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