The Universe Is Bigger and Stranger Than Any of Us Know

The feeling of exploration is essential to human survival. For millions of years, our species has done nothing but explore the vast earth and sea. There are many ways to explore. Some of which are exploring the black sky itself or the unknown universe. The universe is bigger and stranger than any of us know. Did you know that the earth takes up 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000- 00000003%1… that’s 58 zeros followed by a 3. We are astronomically small in comparison to most things that we know of. Which leads me to my point Aerospace Exploration is necessary for human survival through global solutions to problems and the spirit of exploration.

Over the past 50 years, space exploration has phenomenally increased, which in this case is good. Now we just have to make sure that we don’t stray away from it. Space exploration has benefited us in so many ways we can’t don’t even realize. Without exploring the unknown we wouldn’t know about MRIs, very useful body x-ray machines which are used to find strokes, examine the spinal cord and brain for issues and much more. Inspired people of all ages to explore and conduct their own science. It has even helped predict natural disasters from space and learn more about them so we can be safer through satellites. These examples are just skimming the surface of all how space exploration has benefited us. ‘We expand technology, create new industries, and help to foster a peaceful connection with other nations.’ 4. This quote really helps us embrace the true meaning benefits of space exploration.

Humans are explorers and always have and will always be explorers. There are different kinds of explorers, some are astronomers, geologists, scientists, and even botanists and so many more to many to count. We were meant to “Push the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits.”2 Hundreds to thousands to 10s of thousands of years ago we had different kinds of exploration and innovation like the pyramids, it’s now this Millenium that we turn our focus to space exploration for the continuation of mankind its core how our ancestors explored everything they could.

Earth is our species’ primary planet but it does not mean we will stay here forever. We were made to move away from our home to venture out past the boundaries. Eventually, our planet will be uninhabitable or there will be overpopulation or another problem that would stop us from surviving here with 7 billion people and increasing rapidly every day. We will have to venture off somewhere else.’There are more practical reasons for space exploration, but one of the principal reasons we must continue is that we’re explorers. That’s why humans number in the billions — from our earliest upright steps, we’ve endeavored to learn more about the world around us, and this allowed us to build civilization. Exploring space is an opportunity not only to discover new worlds and build advanced technologies, but to work together toward a larger goal irrespective of nationality, race, or gender. If we stop exploring, we stop being human.’ 6

This quote shows that our origin is as explorers, and that like before eventually we will need to leave earth. In 2020 relationships with other countries will vary between many different countries. In some cases countries feel threatened or feel protective against certain countries, this could change to feeling like we were allies. At the benefit of Space exploration, we could as well improve relationships with many different countries because countries would be able to work together as a whole to get one final goal done, like stated in this quote ‘we expand technology, create new industries, and help to foster a peaceful connection with other nations.’ This quote from this site is stating that space exploration is also helping us connect with other nations” 8.

The future of earth matters, within the decade’s technology, has skyrocketed and with new products coming out frequently like the recent “Cyber Truck” by Tesla it makes us really wonder is this the future. Even more of the future could be coming among us with Space Exploration. According to NASA (Why we explore Space), it states “Earth impacts and possibly finds ways to reduce the threat of future impacts. Future robotic missions to asteroids will prepare humans for long-duration space travel and the eventual journey to Mars.” If you do not know the huge goal for space exploration right now for many space programs and companies is the first to mars. In 1955 it was the space race to the moon. This could very well be the then of now. This could help strengthen relationships as said before with many new friends and could surely benefit humans in many as finding a new source of water potential and a new planet that could benefit us in many ways.

Why Space Exploration? For the love exploration, benefitting us in countless ways, for the future for the relationships we could make and Technologies and science that could hugely benefit us in healthcare and a myriad of possibilities. Aerospace Exploration is necessary for human survival through global solutions to problems and the spirit of exploration.