The Movie “the Hidden Figures” Was Talking About in the 1960s

The movie “The Hidden Figures” was talking about in the 1960s, there were some black women who work in the NASA. At the beginning of it, nobody likes them because they think black people cannot work for NASA or any of those scientific research fields, and they were women as well. People who work in NASA never trusted any work of woman before. But those black ladies never gave up on it, they think as long as you work hard, the world will shine on you. Finally, they succeeded to prove the theory of the beginning “Ladies cannot be successful on any scientific research fields ”, they convinced those man and those black ladies actually had more impact than guys in NASA.

When Mrs. Vaughan borrows the book from the library without the librarian’s permission. She tells her boys that if you act right you are right. I think she is saying that if you think that you are doing the right thing, then trust yourself because you are right. But it has to be base on the righteousness, eligible and make sure that you are doing goods to make the world good. I think different people have different thoughts if you just listen to what others, you are not doing right because your mind is not right.

I disagree with “you can take anything that your taxes pay for without asking”, because you are not doing right. You pay taxes for this country and everyone has to pay for it without any excuses or complaints. Paying taxes is one of the important duties of each America citizens.

I think one of the ways to provide equality in America is paying taxes because everyone has to pay it, I think this is the policy of equality. To make American more equally, I think we have to get rid of racism first. Racism has a lot of harmful effects on our society today, people can get different salaries just because either they are white or they are black. The American government has to provide equal work opportunities for their citizens even the Bible says all gods people are same. Some parents are having a hard time to get money to buy food for their kids or to let them go to school. This is the one way to make America great.

I don’t think the American should have all access to all the things they pay taxes for. I would like to say “It depends on what kind of things should you access to”. For example, all America citizens shouldn’t have all access to drugs, it can make so many negative effects on this society. It is not for themselves and it is not good for their families, because they could be paid a lot of money on drugs and they just deserved a broken family and being jailed