The Importance of Saving Water

Water consumption is South Florida is inevitable and a necessity for all their citizens. It is not only used for drinking and taking a shower by an average household, but firms use water as an input to mass produce their products and services; such an in the production of orange juices or water theme park. The demand for water is high, yet the supply is not (Majsztrik and White). The idea of water being an unlimited supply is a misconception; though 70% percent of the world is covered in water, making it earth’s most abundant natural resource, Natural Geographic estimated 2.5% to be freshwater or drinkable water (Freshwater Crisis). The misapprehension for water in our community rises the consumption rate turning water into a scarce resource.

Moreover, the most common use of obtaining drinkable water in South Florida is through a process called desalination, which is a method of removing salt from saltwater and turning it into freshwater. Currently, South Florida operates two desalination plants that produce a maximum capacity of 282 million gallons a day (South Florida Water Management District). Also, they recycle, store, and pump groundwater to meet its residents’ demand for drinkable water (Florida Looks to Recycling). Furthermore, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) stated that an average person uses 201 gallons of water a day (Per capita water use). Multiplied by South Florida’s population of 5.008 million; Floridians waste around 1 billion gallons of fresh water each day. Though the demand meets the supply, a partnership study by the Florida Department of Agriculture and UF, forecasted that in 2070 Florida can run out of water due to its fast-growing population and consumption rate. That is why it is vital to decrease the average household use of water to conserve water for the future.

Furthermore, the iCED group agency that I have researched is called the Sierra Club Miami, which focuses on environmental problems around the state and spread the environment issues’ awareness to the communities. During my visitation, they stated that the biggest challenge the agency faces is the constant fight for conserving the environment never stops; “there are always people who try to damage the environment” my partner said. “Win is often a temporary win, but a loss of nature is forever.” Founded since 1892, the Sierra Club has been dealing with people who hurt the environment and their mission is to unite regular people, just like me, to preserve the ecosystem. They told me that I could be spreading the issue of water consumption in my community to promote the idea for people to decrease how much water they use each day.

As an honors student representing Miami Dade, I have access to different resources such as the MDC library, databases, and staff that can help me execute an ideal plan to promote the importance of conserving water in our community. Additionally, I can use my social media and my family’s and friends’ help, to support my cause of decreasing the amount of water consumption in my community. Doing so, could not only spread the message of the importance of saving water, but also improve my personal and intellectual character by exposing me to the issue’s problem, networking with different people that support my cause, and learning more about the value of water. Doing this research has helped me strengthen my understanding of the importance of saving water and how it could impact future generations. I have also learned that a small change in decreasing my community’s water consumption, can save millions of gallons for future generations; small changes can have an impact on a bigger problem.

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