Essay about Reduce Reuse Recycle

As of 2018, In the united states only thirty-four percent of the population recycled (Truelove). Recycling Should be a common household chore, but in Today’s Times throwing away useful trash is “easier”. Based on a survey conducted, Nine out of ten people stated they would recycle if it was easier (Brucker). Recycling is a very simple process that benefits the environment and allows environmental sustainability to occur.

Environmental sustainability is the maintenance of the factors and practices that contribute to the quality of environment on a long-term basis. A factor that contributes to the quality of the environment is recycling. By recycling humans benefit the environment and sustain it simultaneously. Recycling benefits the environment by conserving natural resources, reducing green house gas admission and prevents lost of biodiversity.

There are a lot of natural resources nation wide. The world’s natural resources are finite, and are in very short supply due to mans selfish uses. Reusing resources allows sustainability to occur. For example, using petroleum to make plastic bags. By reusing petroleum it allows the recycling process to occur. The recycle process is reducing reusing and recycling. Using one form of a resource to create another item is a prime example of executing the recycling process. Another example of a resource conserved is oil.

Recycling one ton of plastic bottles conserves about 3.8 barrels of oil. Oil is a natural resource that is very high in demand. Without recycling Oil is being depleted. Oil is very easy to recycle. For example motor oil. Motor oil can be recycled by filtering it out and taking out any impurities and chemicals. After this is done it can be reused safely. As a society we are taking advantage of the resources we use daily. The natural resources our plant provides can be kept if recycling occurs. Recycling allows us “to live within our planet’s means by using resources more efficiently so we have the raw materials to sustain future generations of humans and other species”

Another beneficial part of recycling is reducing green house emission. The green house emission is trapped heat in the atmosphere which leads to global warming and climate change. Recycling helps reduce green house emission by reducing energy. Using recycled materials to make new products reduces the need for virgin materials. This avoids greenhouse gas emissions that would result from extracting or mining virgin materials.

In addition, manufacturing products from recycled materials typically requires less energy than making products from virgin materials. The more we tranport and manfucature unrecylyed iteams the more energy consumed and the less sustainable the enivorment becomes. Purchasing products made from recycled materials, such as paper and metal, instead of virgin materials also helps to reduce energy consumption. In addition, waste prevention and recycling paper products allows more trees to remain standing, where they can continue to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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