The Importance of Music in Our Life 

Why do individuals in our contemporary time listen to music? Throughout history, music has been an essential part of life for many people. The church is one of the earliest promoters of music. Despite that at the beginning of the implementation and practice of music in churches, it was reserved only for the clergy and aristocratic, many other people use to meditate by listening to Gregorian chant musical compositions. Moreover, music has evolved into countless genres in accordance with the cultural environment, and remarkable ideologies through history. Nowadays, everyone is eligible to listen and to choose from a variety of music styles. Therefore, in several ways music is important for people because it unites countries, it helps to express emotions and provides en spiritual experience.

To begin with, the cultural interlacing of countries has become more common due to the encouragement of musical explosion. The music has been such a powerful influence in our society that has incremented the fusion at faraway distances of international diversity media groups. Also, listening to music develops a sensitivity of belonging to a group within countries. For example, people from North or South America, Europe, Asia or Africa, can share at least one common aspect of their daily life, the experience of listening to a certain type of music which ends up in communicating with one another. Definitely, the unification of countries is possible knowing by fact that music is the bridge between any cultural discrepancies. Music communicates and unites.

In addition, the whole human body is very sensitive to the point that it can respond emotionally to any resonances of musical words or vibration in the blink of an eye. The emotional expressions are charged by the nature of music. The emotions can be results of family conflicts, the culmination of a relationship or a traumatic experience and to relieve all that pain, stress or confusion many people resort into music. Also, music can be a constructive method to express who you really are and how you feel. For example, if you are feeling kind of sad due to a certain situation in your life, listen to songs that links with that emotion, or maybe you are feeling anxious then turn the volume up to an upbeat song and dance around. Basically, recurring to music will provide an incredible trip to internalize and analyze the meaning of life by listening to the lyrics.

Furthermore, music has the capacity to drive anyone voluntarily to the most profound mystical experience, which is the interconnection of intellect, emotions, and soul, with God. Many people that attend to a devout celebration by their own will and believe in what they practice are able to experience the harmonious religious vocal or instrumental sounds, which will invite them into a deep relation with others and the superior Divine presence. Besides, the meaning of the sacred lyrics together with the form in accordance with the rhythm embrace by any religious ritual will always emerge into a spiritual experience.

In conclusion, the world without music would be extremely quiet. Humanity relationships without music would be tough to get along or resolve their differences. Music makes you feel linked with others in a special exceptional way, stretches your hope and uplifts your soul. If I was to defined humanity in relation with music, I would scream loudly that music is in numerous ways the manufacture of our lives. “I listen therefore I am”. Have you ever thought what your life would be without music?