The Evolution of London

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose any town in the United Kingdom. United Kingdom have long been a great nation to admire for the part their played to usher in civilization, to their commanding culture spearheaded by their honor. I would choose to be the resident of London, the capital city of the whole kingdom. If the online pictures are anything to go by, then the city of London presents a magnificent place for a person to live. In addition to this, London is the city of the Queen. However, here are my reasons to justify my claim of a stay in London.

London is a city that has been in existence before anyone in the world was alive. The city has been built under a rich history. The story of the town stretches back to the times of the rule of the Roman Empire, whose quotation in the holy book highlights the centuries of existence. The deeds of the history have been recognized as symbols of national treasure such as the ‘big ben’ clock tower in the house of parliament. For a person who enjoys the study of the history of the greatest cities in the world, London presents a special sample as it is regarded as the place of origin of civilization.

Moreover, most of the buildings in the city of London have been in place for some decades now. Most of the buildings have the basic model of a castle. The model of the buildings may be attributed to the leadership of the nation, Monarch.However, this does not deter most people from admiring the style used. These buildings and other structures presents beautiful sceneries of the town. Some of the structures in London have become the symbol of the city, to the point where if someone talked to you about the city, that’s the first mental picture that crosses the mind.

In addition to this, London is the home of the Queen. The queen is the only one of her kind in the entire word. When anyone utters that title, it becomes clear as the day, the person been referred to. The title spreads in the mind of a normal human being like a command. At a time in our childhood, almost everyone in the world has got the talk from his/her guardian about the Queen. A chance to live in the same land as the Queen presents a chance to reside in the fantasy of the famous fairytale stories every person has grown up watching. It offers a chance for person have the feeling of being part and parcel of a good story.

The biggest challenge of living near the Queen would be been honorable. The citizens of England have the long standing reputation of been people of honor. From the entertainment screens, they are a special group of people as they fulfill every word they said, be it a serious matter or just a joke. When a situation prevented the execution of such duties, the person would do anything just to make sure he/she did as per the promise. This trait is a skill that is hard to teach and requires decades to effectively execute.

Lastly, the patriotism of the people of England is one of the best trait i appreciate about them. Most of the countries have rumbles amongst themselves which makes the leaders loose site of the objective of the nation but not in England. If any leader has an issue which cannot be handled through the channels, he/she would rather resign than disrupt the running of the country. No leader deems his interest above the interest of the country.

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