Humanism and the Theory of Evolution

The similarity between psychoanalytic and cognitive theories is that they both stress the role of the environmental interactions in the personality development and the need for complex tasks being experienced. And they differ from one another by ways in attaining their self-identity and how their viewpoints are utilized in education and treatments.

The similarity between conditioning and social learning theories is that they both need to respond to a stimulus within their environment, and they are based on previous experiences. Human beings need to observe other behaviors in order for them to imitate it. And they differ by how often times an action needs to be performed. Conditioning is associated to a particular stimuli before learning takes place and is acted upon continuously while in social learning, one observes a behavior, imitates or not, based on negative and positive outcomes.

The similarity between humanism and evolutionary theories is that both theories focuses on how human beings should be better. And by contrast, in evolutionary theory, human being only focuses on two things only, i.e. survival and reproducing. According to this theory, survival is the fittest. Meaning, if you are unfit or unhealthy, you will not survive. And if one belongs to a thriving generation, then their offspring will be able to thrive. While in humanism, in order for the human being to reach its full satisfaction in life, their basic essentials need to be met (i.e. from physiological and safety needs to belongingness and self-esteem).

The theory that most likely impacted my chosen career path is the Humanism Theory. I feel like I have reached my self-actualization by attaining every level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I am grateful that my physiological needs and safety are met. I have friends and family that will always be there to guide and support me. I have accomplished a lot of things from having to serve our country for many years and being able to know that my children and every citizens are safe, to being respected for the person I have become.


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