The Concept of the Fahrenheit 451 Plot

I think the theme of this book is Freedom because people in 451 feel like they are being watched and they are wanting to be able to read and not feel like they are being watched.

In the literary work fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the reader is introduced to 451, and it’s about burning books. They have a law that you aren’t allowed to read or keep any books. Any books that they find they will burn. The people that burn books are the Firemen. I think that the people in the book didn’t feel like they had freedom because the Firemen would just go straight up to their house and knock on their door and search for any books. Not every fireman hated books like Montag. He liked books but it was his job to burn them and make sure that he controls the thoughts of the citizens.

The whole thing about burning books is that when you read you get more ideas about stuff the people that were burning the books didn’t want them to come up with more ideas. That’s the main reason they burned books. It says “books can be a powerful source of new ideas that can lead someone to start thinking about new ideas. Montag says that he likes to read books because he believes they might help him understand what’s wrong with society. I think that if they didn’t ban books the society would be way better because people wouldn’t feel like they are being controlled all the time and watched. It also helps if people give their thoughts and ideas.

I think that the author is trying to tell us that books are very important and without books it could ruin our society. It’s also saying that we should listen to people and take ideas from everyone to see what they have to say. People were really upset that they couldn’t read any book that they wanted. You could really tell that montag likes books because he has a collection of books and he hides it from his wife and everyone else. When he got caught with the book they were asking him why he has a book and he said he likes reading. Beatty said you can keep it for one day. When Montag started reading to his friends which were the “firemen” one of his friends started crying because she heard emotion in his words. They said one of the points made by society in removing all literature is harmful.

I think without being able to read it’s just affecting everyone because some people wanna learn new things and they are getting upset that they can’t read or own a book instead they have to burn it. If we weren’t able to read books we wouldn’t learn anything new. We learn alot of our words from books and also from other people. I think that the author’s point of making this is to show how bad the society would be if we didn’t have books.