The Moral of Roman Fahrenheit 451

One of the best main conflicts that I see in the book Fahrenheit 451 is Man vs Society. The character of Mr. Montag he is just a regular citizen who is a very hard working fire fighter, Living and giving his all as he is working in a society that people have very little interactions. People only connect with their TV’s, cell phones and other electronics, game electronics and not with eachother, at least on any social level. Montag, after meeting a person on the way home form work as a seven teen year old little girl named Clarisse, the relationship between them grows and grows even though I think he beieves she is annoying. Everyone around him is conditioned to act and react in a way that they need to act like its all set up as a play.

The rising action in the book Fahrenheit 451 starts when Mr. Montag meets Clarisse for his first time in the story on a drak night after work when he’s walking home, and their relationship continues to move at a fast pace until the movement when Montag reads poetry to the visiting women. Until the final climax, the action between the poetry scene and Montag’s confrontation with Beatty is held at a roughly level plane Montag knows that he is going to be discovered but he can’t do anything to avoid it.

The Climax of this book is when Beatty tries to burn down Montag’s house down even though Mr Montag is a fireman, in his world as a fire fighter that means that he puts fires instead of setting them. So trying to burn down a fire fighters house does not mack any sense but Beatty had a mind set do to so.

After the climactic torching of Beatty burning down his house, the book goes into falling action, where Montag is on the run and he is being chased by the mechanical hound, where he is injured but he is able to escape safley. He walks the railroad tracks and he finds this group of intellectuals living in the woods who preserve literature by each memorizing a great work to pass on to the next generations. Planes drop a nuclear bomb on the city and Montag looks hopefully to a future of a literate society.

The main point that is over all learned in Fahrenheit 451 is that your closest friends can help and or tear you down. In this story Montag is helped by one person, but also burnted by many others. Even though many people are trying to bring him down, there is one thats always trying to show him the brightness and the spark of the good. She is trying to show Montag that there is spark in life regardless of what and who’s trying to put your flames out. Regardless of who’s trying to put your flames out always relight your flame.

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