The Columbian Exchange Essay

The Columbian exchange is and will be arguably the most important or one of the most important time periods in history for most of the world. The columbian exchange, which has many other names is the widespread of many things throughout the Americas, West Africa, Europe, the new world, and the old world. This happened during the fifteenth and sixteenth century which is very important because that is around the time Columbus’ voyage.

Many things were moved around the world including plants, animals, culture, human populations, technology, and ideas. All these changes made a huge impact on global populations. Many diseases also spread throughout these places and made a big turn for the worse. Alfred Crosby named it this because it describes the interchange following Columbus’ arrival in the Caribbean.

In 1492 food was a big factor in the exchange and Europe was one of the bigger suppliers for the world. They were the suppliers of many grains and and fruits and vegetables. They would export to everybody but mainly to the Americas. They were trading anything from barley and coffee beans all the way to sugarcane and tulips. The positive side which was huge is that all the countries importing the foods can now be introduced to new crops and culture. They can now have different food styles and ways of cooking in their lives and spread it more and more throughout the entire world.

After the exchange, Europe ended up having to decrease the prices of their food and had less of a supply for all of the population. A big deal during the exchange is that not all of the widespread was planned for. Many unheard of diseases were brought to other countries while trading and delivering other materials. This caused many fatalities and sicknesses to spread throughout huge places and made a huge setback on world population and growth. Another big thing that was spread throughout the world was religion.

Many different types of religion was spread but specifically Christianity. It started out in Europe and through other trades was spread all the way to the Americas. It wasn’t always so organized back in the day because it was brand new. Religion and politics were very much mixed and people didn’t have the freedom of speech. The First religion ever brought down here was Roman Catholicism from Spain because that was the official religion. Nowadays the catholic religion is one of if not the most popular one out there specifically in the United States of America. There was a lot of positive parts of the Columbian Exchange which means there has to be a negative.

All of the widespread to the Americas caused slavery and wars to erupt and cause many huge problems that lasted for much longer than expected and made a big dent in the history of the US and the rest of the world. This time period will always be remembered in history as what made our country the country that it is today.