The Chance at Success: Is College Worth It

Is college worth it? well to answer that question we would need to define “worth it”. For something to be worth it there would need to be repercussions for something enjoyable or something that caused hardship. People should make that effort to get a college degree and the outcome with benefit them in the end. Yes, the cost of college is rising every year. Yes, students are in large sums of debt. Yes, the will power and motivation to go to school more years after college is a drag. The benefits of it all outweighs all the hardship and struggle. From financial gain to working your way up on the job market. College is a better chance at success and a better way of life. So is college worth it? Yes, it is worth it, it is the smartest move and can open a wide variety of opportunities and success.

A college degree means a better chance at obtaining a job. There are jobs that don’t require a college education to obtain it but that doesn’t mean those with a degree can’t get those jobs. That all just mean those with a degree have more job options than those without a college degree. According to Freeman Hrabowski, “in contrast, many economists and educators point to data showing that the faster growing job categories require at least a college degree”, a college degree matters in the job market (Hrabowski 260).

Those with only a high school diploma subject themselves to blue- collar jobs and that is growing in today society. However, for a better opportunity at life a college degree is involved. The unemployment rate for those with just a high school education seem to be 8 percent, higher than those with a bachelors and an associate degree. yes, even though someone without a degree could get a great job but the odds of the person with a college education is higher. A college degree can open much opportunities and a better chance at getting at life.

Those with a college education are more likely to make more than those with high school education. The earnings of a college degree will overcome the earnings of a high school diploma. Those with a college degree compared to a high school diploma can experience more wealth. They’re are stories of people that don’t have college degrees and end up being successful and its true you can but for a better chance a degree is needed. Those with college degrees have a chance at great opportunities and that comes with top jobs that can pay good. Ungar explains how liberal arts degrees work for high demand jobs, “plenty of philosophy and physics majors work on wall street, and the ability to analyze and compare literature across culture is a skill linked to many other fields, including law and medicine.” (Ungar 228). Economically people with college degrees are the ones that are on top in the job market and with that comes high salary. According to Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill, “Hamilton project research shows that 23- to 25- year- olds with bachelor’s degrees make 12000 more than high school graduates but by age 50 the gap has grown to 45,500”. (Owen & Sawhill 211).

Many people think college is not worth it because of the cost to attend but college doesn’t have to be expensive. They’re 4-year colleges and there are 2-year colleges, 2-year colleges seem to be the easier route because it’s cheaper than attending a 4- year. People can sign up for scholarships and apply for grants. There are many loops whose to lessen the cost of school. A 2-year college also gets people an associate degree and that alone can secure a job with good paying. Community colleges are there as a cheaper option for those who don’t have the luxury to go to a university. Freeman Hrabowski comments “students and families should learn as much as possible about each institution they are considering.”, seems to point out that we can find what colleges perfect for us within our budget (Hrabowski 260).