The Applicability of Psychosurgery in Addressing some of the Mental Illnesses

First Topic: The Critical Role of Psychosurgery amidst Ethical

Issues In the recent past, psychosurgery has gained a lot of recognition due to its ability to deal with some of the mental illnesses that have been affecting many people. Many investigations have been done to examine how the concept of psychosurgery can be advanced to facilitate incorporation of scientific concepts and ethical issues into the entire process. In fact, the idea of psychosurgery has risen to prominence, particularly state infirmaries, as a valued form of treatment that is active both politically and clinically. However, the concept has been faced with various ethical issues that affect its applicability in the treatment of mental illnesses. Thesis: Despite the ethical issues surrounding the matter of psychosurgery, the process has proved to be effective because it focuses more on enhancing the mental health of the patient and improve the overall life of the affected person.

Second Topic: Psychosurgery and Its Adverse Effects

One of the fundamental aspects of human life is to have a better thinking capacity. Reasoning plays a critical role in determining the decisions that are made by a person concerning a situation or a circumstance. The brain a plays a key role in ensuring that there is rational thinking. Psychosurgery has risen to become one of the major processes that are used by many healthcare providers, especially in the United States, to treat some of the mental disorders that are affecting people.

Thesis: Although the applicability of psychosurgery in addressing some of the mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, has gotten a lot of appreciation in the developing world, this process possesses a significant risk of brain damage leading to delusional thoughts and lack of the inhibitory behavior that individuals must show while in the society.

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