About Mental Health

There are quite different mental health issues which individual can develop for instance anxiety, psychosis and eventually depression. The word psychosis denotes a condition when an individual does lose the touch with the reality. When a person suffers from this kind of episode, it is a true signal of an underlying illness. This can be as a result of a stressful physical activity and it is quite difficult to determine the root cause of the illness.

When a person is suffering from psychosis may have demonstrated the following symptoms: delusions and eventually hallucinations. The common causes of psychosis are severe depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and traumatic experiences. The length of a psychotic episode depends on the underlying cause and for a person supporting such client may feel very real to them and can be actually frightening thus it is good to give them adequate support and let them be aware that you are there to help them. Therefore it is essential to support them. The symptoms of depression vary in 3 different categories.

These include psychological symptoms, physical and social symptoms. In life, there comes a time when some people feel depressed and clinical depression as a result mood turns to be unresponsiveness for a time. Upon a client supporting a person with depression, two questions determine if a detailed assessment needs to be done to the client. These questions include the following: if the person has ever felt depressed and for what length and if the person had any pleasure upon doing anything. If any of these questions have got a positive response, it is essential to take a deep assessment for depression.

Despite that, you need to be alert to the changes in the moods that may reveal depression and ensure the appropriate medical assessment is undertaken. Anxiety may be defined as “an unfriendly experience similar to fear or dread associated with the probability, though not specific, of occurrence of something”. It is normal though many people do experience it. In the actual sense, nervousness is the main issue that is concerned with the issue and thus as a person addressing this should be very critical on this. For a diagnosis of some kind of anxiety, an individual should have the anxiety as the symptoms

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