Summary of ‘the Cask of Amontillado’

In the famous short story ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ by Edgar Allan Poe, Montresor the main character vowed vengeance because Fortunato insulted him mortally. He hid his hatred for Fortunato, however, because he wants to fulfill his vow without putting himself at risk since the vengeance would not be complete if Fortunato were to retaliate or if Fortunato died without knowing that Montresor was his murderer.

Montresor maintains a goodwill appearance towards Fortunato and decides to exploit the weakness of Fortunato for fine wines. One evening during the carnival season, Montresor finds Fortunato and invites him to try out a sherry sample he recently purchased And would like to confirm as Amontillado. Fortunato is surprised and excited, so when Montresor suggests that Fortunato may be too busy and instead Montresor will have Luchesi taste it, Fortunato insults Luchesi ‘s wine skill and insists on accompanying Montresor to the vaults to taste the Amontillado. Montresor offers a token protest that the vaults are full of niter and will worsen the cold of Fortunato. Montresor puts on a black silk mask and a cloak and takes Fortunato to his home. Montresor previously told the servants that he would go all night and forbade them to leave, knowing that as soon as he left, they would all disappear to join the carnival. So when they arrive, nobody is home. He takes two torches and leads Fortunato to the catacombs, handing Fortunato a torch. The passageway is wet and full of niter, causing Fortunato to cough, but the dissembling Montresor shows false concern for the health of Fortunato and offers him a glass of Medoc wine. Montresor offers to call Luchesi, knowing Fortunato will be insulted and insisting. Fortunato drinks the dead, and Montresor drinks to the long life of Fortunato. As they go deeper into the catacombs, Fortunato remains drunk and the bells on his costume begin to jingle and we stumbled along. Montresor notes that the damp and niter levels are increasing because they are under the riverbed and offer to return to the surface, but Fortunato drinks more wine and throws the bottle away with a special gesture. Montresor does not understand the gesture, which makes Fortunato realize he is not a Masons member.Montresor insists he is, although Fortunato is now unbelieving, and he shows Fortunato the trowel in his cloak. Fortunato exclaims Montresor ‘s jests but insists they keep going to the Amontillado. Montresor leads him to a deep crypt with a smaller crypt lined with human remains at the end of it. There’s a small niche in the crypt ‘s fourth wall backed by granite walls. Fortunato tries to look into the recess, but the light from the torch is dim and he can’t see. Montresor claims that the niche is the Amontillado ‘s location and again mentions Luchesi, which prompts Fortunato to insult Luchesi and walk into the niche drunk. Montresor quickly chained him to the granite while he was too surprised to resist. Montresor mocks Fortunato, asking him for the niter with false concern. Fortunato asks about the Amontillado, and Montresor agrees before revealing a pile of bone hiding building stone and mortar. Then Montresor starts walling the niche, with Fortunato inside. Montresor lays the wall’s first tier before Fortunato revives his drunken state with a moan. Before he hears another sound, he lays three more levels. Fortunato is starting to shake his chain, during which time Montresor is happy to wait and listen. Montresor lays three more layers of stone when Fortunato stops clanking and uses his torch to look inside the niche. Fortunato screams, causing Montresor to hesitate, but he joins the screaming after a moment until Fortunato stops.but the latter mocks him, and Fortunato ceases to speak, despite Montresor’s calls. The only thing Montresor can hear as he lays the last brick is the jingling of Fortunato’s costume. Montresor’s heart grows sick, which he blames on the damp catacombs, and he reconstructs the pile of bones, which no one disturbs for the next fifty years. Montresor ends his tale by wishing Fortunato a peaceful rest.

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