Socrates Famous Words 

Socrates was a man who analyzed the world around him. Socrates famous words were, “The unexamined life is not worth living”, and he claimed others were “sleepwalking through life”. I believe that in order to truly live, we must learn consistently, create our own Divine Destiny, and live by our own choices.

The unexamined life is an uneducated experience. A life worth living is a life whom contributes, connecting with others and holds positive stature. Education is key to being able to live a successful life. Why is it important to be educated? To be educated you need to learn about your surroundings as well as learn through experience. Education is important because it opens many opportunities that can give an individual peace, connections, individual and material success.

When an individual’s educated they’re able to understand how things work, also understanding the history behind why. The individual be will be more open-minded and acquire the freedom to choose because education teaches them that they have options available. Education offers an individual endless inspiration and ideas for their potential. An examined life can help an individual connect with others and themselves. Individuals are able to accept uncomfortable experiences because they’re able to understand them. The examined life is worth living because we can understand why we are living. This is not the same as your purpose in life but examination can lead to personal revelation.

Individuals need to connect with the world around them in order to enjoy what their lives are part of. Living in the moment. It is important to create your own unique define destiny in life. Why is this important? I say create because I do not believe we were put here for a purpose, but rather put here to create a purpose. Life is beautiful because of diversity and as far as we know, choice. People still sleep walk through life because they’re either abiding by consistent action due to a preset structure or they do not yet know what it is. In order to create a individuals purpose, one must be educated of their options. To be educated an individual must examine their own self and surroundings.

For an individual to feel as if they have meaning and their life they must enjoy their choices and excel either at or because of. I believe that the benefits of an individual creating their own define purpose allows them to contribute, improve lives, and find personal comfort. If you’re just surviving you cannot enjoy living. The goal is to learn to work smarter not harder. Setting goals are important because it promotes consistent evaluation. I’ve learned that in order to feel that your life is meaningful first positivity must come from all directions of it. I know that when I feel like all the pieces of my life are thriving, it’s easier to continue to grow and connect with each moment. This is important because it affects your physical and mental health. Sleepwalking through life can deprive us of discomfort, growth, and knowledge.

It is common in society to mold ourselves into what is at the time, socially acceptable. There’s much diversity but still society clings to their own. While this is comfortable, it does not allow for individuals who feel out of place the open arms they deserve. Socrates taught each of us to live by our own values and choices. He gave us ways we could think for ourselves. I cannot say it will promote happiness in the short run when incidents such as rejection occur. It does however, help in the long run because it gives the opportunity of freedom.

What an individual does with freedom is not as important as an individual understanding they always had it. Freedom is not heroic because it is not always understood. I’d like to share a personal example, there was a time in my life where I was part of a religious plugin is called. I talk about this particular experience because it first sets a prime example of social oppression, power, and control over individuals Freedom, causing their unexamined life, and single meaning. Second, this was a time where I learned I was my own person, not to be owned by another man nor God. I grew up not only oppressed because I was a woman but because I was a child. I lived under severe physical abuse, mental control, and emotional neglect.

One day I realized I did not appreciate my oppression and did not believe in what I was taught. I realize there was another truth in the world because this one was not mine. I was afraid to leave so I often dreamt of it instead. One day I made the heroic mistake of saying words. Not just any words, but words that crafted my own opinion. I was taught to listen and obey, I had no voice and no choice. I said “I want out”. I will not describe the events that followed but, for the first time I know only feared my life but defended it. In those moments I learn that I did have freedom and that I always had, I just needed to choose it. I fought back until I laid on the ground, while looking across the street I saw the sagebrush and neighborhoods ahead.

I wanted to run but could no longer physically move. Why didn’t I run a million times? Their mental control made me believe I was forever in their control. Finally had to run into the arms of a stranger, any stranger. Hours later I did just that. In front of my father I walked away, I ran, I never looked back. Many months later I was now a foster child for some time, sitting with a therapist as I was processing what had happened in my life. I was recovering memories that were taken from me, I was grieving the family I had lost for I was the oldest of 15 kids. I knew I was more educated now than I ever was before, I had examined my life. This opportunity helped me become accepting of my situation, helped me discover who I was and I understood the opportunity it had given me. I learned every individual has their own truth that they live by, I am not to judge others for theirs because I live by my own. Its beautiful.

“one way,

May be the only way.

If each of us lives within our own truth,

That leads us astray but,

teaches us in our own way.

The one right way”.

In conclusion, I believe Socrates wanted to teach that the examined life shows us what life is, while giving individuals the opportunity to truly explore the beauty of it and live it.