Social Issues "Police Brutality"

In the article “ Taking Freedom: Yes, Black America Fears The Police . Here’s Why ? “ It talks about the key points on the significant role of policing and increasing racial inequality and how its led to AA’s fear of police. It also talk about how police brutality isn’t any worse than it was before but how social media just makes it feel that way, and how it’s now coming out of the shadows. It also speaks on the difference between Smart policing and just blatantly abusing your power. For example smart policing is being able of tell the difference between minor crimes and serious threats, and an example of abusing your power would be abusing your power to fulfill your own personal selfish desires like: the use of immoderate force, placing an innocent citizen under false arrest, assault on an innocent citizen, and an unlawful murder without actual reasoning .

This source “ Pacific Standard “ is very credible , its agenda is to focus on social matters and public strategy. This company has received huge recognition and various medals for the way they present important information to their audiences while holding their attention along with it. They have received awards at the National Magazine Awards which is known to be the highest award to receive in the magazine industry. I will be using this source for the majority of my research project because its has most of the key points I need to start. I will also use this source for my introductory paragraph in my essay to state the facts about police brutality over the past couple of years and how it has not only gotten worse but is now coming out of the shadows and isn’t being covered up anymore .

In the article “ Police are still killing black people. Why isn’t it news anymore ? “ It talks about how police violence, killings, and criminal justice reform were the leading national news storyline during the final two years of the Obama administration. The author, Wesley Lowery also makes a claim about how the issue has now all but vanished from the national political conversation even though the violence has never stopped. The main reason why police reform has lost our national attention: Trump, Cable news stations , social media networks, and the press corps have covered Trump more than anything else. Ever since Trump has been elected , he is always the drama at center stage so as a result, the mainstream media no longer plays the same role in amplifying the cause of police reform.

Wesley Lowery, the author of this article , is very credible due to the fact that he won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2016, along with many other awards, he is also an on-air contributor for CNN, and has written several books on law enforcement and racial injustice which have won awards as well . He is well educated on this topic. For this second source, I will be using it for my first body paragraph because it goes in depth on how the activism has never stopped, but why the attention to police brutality has vanished. My sub-claim for my body paragraph on this source will be why police brutality has lost our national attention, and how people only care about it when it is constantly happening but when things start to cool down, everyone seems to stop caring.

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