Should Puerto Rico Be The 51St State


Basing on the recent information concerning the future of Puerto Rico, the citizens are in the process of convincing the U.S Congress to identify Puerto Rico as one of the actual states through voting. The Puerto Ricans have their own reason as to why they should be recognized by the U.S Congress as the Free State. Some of them are championing to have great independence while others want to proceed with the existing colonial relationship today.

Personal opinion

Basing keenly on the political status of Puerto Rico, I decline to support the move for it to be given the mandate of governing themselves. First, Puerto Rico has not redeemed itself from the debt crisis of more than $ 120 billion. In addition to the debt, it has unsolved pension obligations. According to Gov Ricardo Rosselo’ speech on the day of inauguration, Puerto Rico concerning the faced crisis, they cannot be able to overcome the crisis under the colonial condition. However, he ought to have uttered the words after a critical analysis of both the economic and the political status of the state (Sofia, 2).

Besides, majority of the citizens have already projected that the U.S Congress may not be able to compromise by granting the voters with their wishes. Many of them argue that it will be meaningless for them to spend $ 8 million to facilitate the voting process. Therefore, a good reason for some of them to boycott the election. According to Juan Collazo sentiments to the Guardian, the Congress will not notice the efforts of the voters. Basing on his opinion, the situation might provide a perfect opportunity for the Congress to divide and conquer them further. However, the Gov using the data which has not been approved states that a good number the citizens are in the verge of demanding for the equal rights as the American Citizens

Nevertheless, it had been expected that 90% who had earlier favored the statehood only gave out a 23% voter turnout after the successful boycotts initiated by the opposing parties. On the other hand, the U.S Congress cannot just wake up and make a decision that concerns that changing of the Commonwealth status. The Congress has to be given a concrete prove that the political and the economic status of Puerto Rico are satisfying. For instance, the U.S Congress will have to pass the statute that lays down the transition process (Sofia, 2)…

As state under the U.S umbrella, Puerto Rico enjoys military support and funding supports in major projects.   Therefore, it is not the right time for it to champion for independence. Out of all the options such as remaining a commonwealth, becoming a free state and getting the independence, the best option is to remain a commonwealth. Nevertheless, Puerto Rico may still get the military support and funding if only the two foreign states agree. Therefore, the idea introduces uncertainty in the future. Also, the voting process had some compromising elements that never indicated the true picture about the future of Puerto Rico. Some of these elements made the opposition parties to term the whole process as a rigging one. For example, the ballot boxes never had the options that could have made the citizens to enjoy their rights. The ballot never indicated the current Puerto Rico’s commonwealth status. The ballot is believed to have had only one option which is the statehood or free association. According to the agreement, for the Puerto Ricans to enjoy the full citizenship as other American citizens then the ballot should have included the commonwealth option. Therefore, the situation puts Puerto Rico at risk.

Basing on the 2012 voting turnout of 1.8 million, the recent turnout was so minimal. Only 23% of the eligible voters participated in the voting process. Considering the commissions analysis concerning the turnout, 300,000 less people participated in the voting as compared to 2012. However, the governor argued that the number was 1.6 million or 33%. The two contradicting figures introduce a doubt as to whether even the citizens are ready to adopt the statehood government. In other way, I believe it is the governor’s initiative to push for Puerto Rico to attain independence to realize his benefits. The citizens might not enjoy what they term as the independence since the state is not economically stable. Besides, the Puerto Ricans have not been neglected by the American government. In fact, the island has an added advantage of getting the financial aid.

Basing on history, (Mathews Bradley 1) points out that for many years Puerto Rico has voted for leftist liberal leadership. However, rampant failure in various sectors such as education system, local government, and economy at large. Allowing Puerto Rico to be one of the U.S state may bring the economy of the U.S down. For those who have happened to visit the coast lines of Puerto Rico will agree with me that the environment is very filth with garbage and sewage everywhere in the street. Some of the best hotels have rest rooms without running water, soap and towels. This is a good evidence that indeed Puerto Rico is doing badly in terms of economy and therefore they should continue getting the U.S support until they are economically stable. Also in the streets, crime is the order of the day. The crime spirit of the Island made Oscar Lopez Rivera an ex convict of domestic terror to be appointed as the guest of honor at the NYC annual Puerto Rico day. Considering the security threats that might be posed by Puerto Rico on U.S, it should not be granted the statehood.

Opinion from the interview with Isaac Lausel

However basing on the interview carried on one of the citizens of Puerto Rico, Isaac Lausel to be precise was of an opinion that Puerto Rico ought to get over the American Colonial rule. Basing on the question as to whether the island should rule itself. The interviewee had these to say. “Puerto Rico should be given its freedom and be freed from these colonial rule. First, some of the Puerto Ricans have lost their lives in the battlefields. Most of the male have served in the military and have found themselves in the combat most of the time to defend the America as a whole. More so, the financial problem facing Puerto Rico has resulted from the colonial status. Puerto Rico has been prohibited from delivering goods to the Island therefore giving America the monopoly of shipping goods hence harvesting the profits” he continued.

Furthermore, the interviewee had these to add, “The cost of the vehicle has gone to more that 40% in the Island due to Americans shipping processes. Earlier, the Pharmaceutical companies operated at a good incentive until it was eradicated by the Republican Congress therefore forcing some of the Pharmaceutical companies to close up while others relocating to China. Corruption has continued to be the talk of the day because the citizens cannot find the opportunity to get help from the Congress to reduce or fight the corrupt U.S and Puerto Rico officials. Despite granting Puerto Rico with independence, the U.S government should also compensate the Island from grabbing it from Spain and causing health problems to the Puerto Ricans by testing their weapons and ammunitions on the Island. The U.S government has caused more harm than good to the citizens of Puerto Rico. For example, Puerto Rican women were once subjected to mass sterilization by the U.S. the children were never left behind in the scientific experiments that affected their health. Moreover, the Puerto Rican men have lost their lives in most of the American wars. Americans have also killed the Puerto Rico’s economy by devaluation of the by 40% subjecting majority of the citizens to poverty. In addition, many of the Puerto Ricans have lost their lives in the hands of the Americans. For example, the Ponce massacre in 1937 left many dead while suffered severe injuries”. These were all the sentiments from Isaac Lausel in his move to support the statehood of Puerto Rico.

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