Should Hunting Be Banned?

The biggest adrenaline rush you can have is from killing a deer. Hunting is a craft as old as time, with many of our ancestors having to hunt just to provide food for their family. Hunting is when you kill an animal for food or for sport. I have been raised “if you’re going to kill it, you’re going to eat it.” There is so much to learn before you can even step foot in the woods. I have been raised to know you don’t kill deer or squirrels for fun, you kill them for food. Eating an animal that was killed locally in the woods is much healthier for you than anything you could buy at the store. It takes so much common sense, knowledge of the weapon of choice along with the woods you decide to hunt it. There are many options on what you can hunt with such as bows or guns. Hunting is always a way to escape reality for just a little while.

Although I killed my first deer with a gun when I was seven, I have learned to love my bow more than any other weapon. With my favorite weapon being a bow there is so much more you have to think about when hunting. Killing a deer with a gun is like taking a cheap shot compared to a bow. You can’t just see a deer from sixty yards away and shoot it with a bow, you would need to stalk it or wait for it to get closer. Hunting with a bow is more strategic than it appears. When you are in the woods you have to be silent or the deer will hear you. The last deer I stalked I got about twenty yards from it with my bow, I was unable to get the shot off, the doe blew, stomped then ran. Majority of the weekends in the past two months I have gone out and went hunting, weather it is sitting in the woods or stalking the deer.

There are many rules to learn before stepping foot in the woods. You may see a lot of does around this time of the year, although not many non-hunters know you can’t shoot a doe with a gun unless it is doe days. There are only twelve doe days each season. You can shoot either sex deer with a bow from September 8th till January 13th. I prefer bow hunting, so you aren’t as limited with what you shoot, and when you shoot. The bow season starts over a month before gun season You can kill either sex deer all season long with a bow unlike hunting with a gun. You are only allowed to kill twelve deer per season.

With only twelve doe days you have a limit of ten doe and two bucks. With that one of the bucks must have at least four points one inch or longer. The rut happens each and every season; the rut is where the does and bucks mate. You are more likely to see bucks out and about during this part of the season. The rut takes place at different times each season but normally it is normally around late November and late December. It is best to kill a buck after the rut because the does are pregnant. That way the population of deer will not decline.

Hunting always helps me to withdrawal from real life every time I step foot in the woods; I stop stressing over school and work. I only have eustress, that is focused on the woods around me and the deer in the area. Eustress is a normal psychological stress that is beneficial for the person experiencing it. Hunting is a one-of-a-kind type of therapy. No one can explain the way it feels when you are sitting in the woods, it is so serene and like nothing else. People that spend their time outdoors are more likely to be happier. Hunting is a unique way to relieve stress. Studies have shown that in areas hunting license sales go up, violent crimes decrease.

Hunting is so complex there is many details you must pay attention to such as timing and weapon use. Each step into the woods is a huge step away from reality. Some may not agree with the hunting lifestyle, but it is the way I was raised. It is a way to exert energy with eustress. You can choose from many different weapons; each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is so much discipline to be a well-seasoned hunter. Hunting takes a tremendous amount of patience.