Responsibility Has Many Different Ages

Many people argue about the age of responsibility for many different reasons. This is because there are many different ages in responsibility. It may be determined by a person’s childhood may cause a change in life.

In all environments there are many ways to express responsibility in a person. The author in the text believes that ¨when becoming responsible the time frame between teen and young adults will expand ¨(Greenblatt 10). It is evident that many will shift from the teenage years to young adults without taking maturity into consideration. Therefore when shifting from teenager to a young adult many people will try to say that the only thing that makes them responsible is a birthday. This has been seen in my past experience I have witness my family members think they can do what they like just because they have the age of a young adult. Even though they are not perfecting in maturity. Furthermore many will have a life switch when realizing their responsibilities.

Moreover when a person is determined to be responsible a change in life will then be performed. The speaker in the text “On Compassion”, observes that ,“We want to protect ourselves from an awareness of rags with voices that make no sense and scream forth in inarticulate rage” (Ascher 12). Based on the article, my opinion is that many people may change their lifestyles to show responsibility. Also to prevent themselves from ending up in the streets alone and desperate. This evidence suggest that many may change for the better person. This evidence also shows that the change can be done at any age. Hence many change in responsibility for the better but it can also be because of other reasons.

In addition one of the many reasons why people may be stuck in this conterviery is because the way they were raised can explain a lot . The author in the article, “What is the Age of Responsibility?” believes that,“Parents can guide their children, let them learn from their mistakes when they need to and bail them out they have to. But laws are less sympathetic”(Greenblatt 22). In the article titled,” What is the age of responsibility,” the author points out that many parents try to protect their kids to much that causing them to not be responsible enough to do anything by themselves. It can be concluded that many parents should let go of their kids and tell them right from wrong after showing the child right from wrong the child will know better in the future which will help them develop maturity and responsibility skills. Without a doubt there are many reasons why the age of responsibility should not be by age, but by readiness.

Many people are expected to meet their obligations to better their future, these obligations may determine the amount of discipline. When being responsible a person will always see a change in life even the way they tend to raise others will change. Now many may ask if, “Being the eldest cause a person to become more responsible?”. Anyways this may be another topic that may be discussed in the future.

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