Racism and Discrimination in ‘heart of Darkness’

Racism is the belief that a particular is a superior or inferior to another , that person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics. In the novella , Heart Of Darkness , by Joseph Conrad. Marlow dehumanizes africans , he uses racial slurs , and wants everyone in their place. Not only do we see racism and discrimination throughout the story , but in modern day society as well. The novel relates darkness with truth , whiteness with hollow , and tricky and lies. The book can be called racist and expressed as discriminant because the Europeans treat blacks like objects rather than people.

In the novel , Conrad uses terms & forms of language talking about people of color in a derogatory manner , that obviously may offend some people. Throughout the story , we as readers can see how racist the europeans were just by how they treated the blacks. In the story Conrad uses several slurs about blacks. For example the first time he saw a black man he said “ a certain enormous buck nigger encountered in haiti fixed my conception of blind , furious , unreasoning rage , as manifested in the human animal , to the end of my days. If the nigger I use to dream for years afterwards”. The remark was clearly racist , because he called the black man a “nigger” several times. The europeans thought blacks we not equal to them , we see this when Conrad says “The thoughi if their humanity-like your…ugly”. To me It goes to show that Conrad is saying that when he gets compared to a black man he’s disgusted , simply because he’s racist. The thought of a black man’s humanity being Compared to him is ugly to Conrad.

We still see racism and discrimination in today’s society. There has Been several shootings , murders and things of that nature. Due to people being racist. whether it’s against black Or white people , we still See It. Especially in the more teenage , young adult age group. We also still see discrimination today , for Example. here locally At coffee shop fired a man for wearing A shirt that support the LGBTQ ommunity. So ideally that coffee shop was being “racist” and discriminating Against The LGBTQ community. Which isn’t fair. Again we see some of the most discriminatory action takes place in the american justice system. Blacks and Hispanic males are being incarcerated at higher rates , than white males In america. Not only Are Minorities Being Incarcerated More , But Also They are subject to more harsher Sentencing Terms , Fall Victim To Racial Profiling.

Throughout This Book , Women Are Discriminated. In The Novel , We Don’t See A Job In Which A Woman Has That is Of Equal To A Man. The Readers Can See That The Men Do Not Treat Women Very Well , Or With Any Respect Throughout. For Example , Kurtz Had A Mistress Of Some Kind And She Is Described As A Savage. “She Was Savage And Superb , Wild Like The Wild-eyed ANd Magnificent….She Stood Looking At Us Without A Stir And Like The Wilderness Itself , With An Air Of Brooding Over An Intruciable Purpose.” The Way The Mistress Was Described As A Savage Is An Example Of How Women Are Treated And Discriminated Against In This Book. Even In Today’s Society Women Are Still Being Discriminated Against , For Example In The Workplace Their Is Sometimes Wage Discrimination. Which IS When An Employer Pays A Woman Less Than A Man , For The Same Work. Men Even Sometimes Earn More On Average Than Women.

In Conclusion, Not Only Did Racism Play A Huge Part In Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness. But Discrimination As Well. We Saw This Through Conrad’s Comments And His Different Use Of Terms To Describe Those Of Color. The Audience Can See How Racist The Europeans Were. We Can See How The European People Think They Are Not Equal To Them. There Are Many Examples Of Women Being Discriminated And looked down upon in this story. They Were Looked Down And Considered to Be worth less than men or not even as important. There are many different examples of racism and discrimination. In The book , Heart Of Darkness. This theme isn’t only shown in heart Of darkness , but modern day society as well.

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