Nursing Research and Evidenced Based Practice

Difference between Research, Evidence-Based Practices, and Research Utilization

Healthcare, in its complexity, addresses several aspects related to health with an aim to achieve the anticipated outcome for the patient. Throughout this system, nursing care is given to those people who are in need of help related to their mental or physical health status. Thus, the nurses are required to identify a core basis of information that echoes quality care, developing the research, research utilization and EBP in the field. (Sharon & Carol, 2014). Nurses are required to be both reliable and possess up-to-date information in the clinics. The core source of knowledge establishment has been, over the years, evidence-based practices, research, quality of care, and how the researched information is utilized. (Sharon & Carol, 2014).

The use of regimented methods to remedy questions and untangle dilemmas, in a methodical examination, is the research. It is a focused chain of close observation, which yield a foundation upon which the practice of care is built on based on subsequently tested solutions. Scientifically, research has an inherent potential to explain and anticipate guide interactions. In nursing, research plays a role in fabricating evidence that postulates if a particular way of practicing, teaching, or administering is more beneficial than the other. (Pilot & Beck, 2012).

When the information gathered from the research, of a specific study or group of studies, are put into application, which has no relationship to the original studies, it is known as research utilization, RU. RU is moving the researched suggestions into the actual nurse care settings and it may demands that the nurses become more familiar and comfortable with evaluating and utilizing the evidence in the field arena. (Pamela S., 2013).

On the other hand, evidence-based practice, EBP is the utilization of research evidence that considers other influences that are specifically related to the problem in question.  It is an orderly approach to solving issues for nurses, characterized by the application of the perfect available evidence for deciding by clinical officers to provide the most dependable and best conceivable health care for clients. This is similar to RU, in that both focus on these other influencing factors that are specific to the issue at hand. (Sharon & Carol, 2014).

In summary, the difference between the three terms in the nursing field is the task involved. While research uncovers the evidence that approves or disapproves a theory in use, RU or EBP emphasizes on using these shreds of evidence to impact change in the ways things are done, taught, or administered in contemporary life. There must be a reason for the implementation of reforms, which has dominated the nursing system patent to many years ago. Research discloses the ideas, whereas the other two implement the results of the study into the application.

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