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Nursing Research and Evidenced Based Practice

Difference between Research, Evidence-Based Practices, and Research Utilization Healthcare, in its complexity, addresses several aspects related to health with an aim to achieve the anticipated outcome for the patient. Throughout this system, nursing care is given to those people who are in need of help related to their mental or physical health status. Thus, the […]

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Community Nursing – Windshield Survey

The Windshield Survey takes place in Jacksonville, Florida. The city is by far the largest in the entire United States by land mass. The region’s population growth rate has been on the rise over the decades, with nearly a million residents living within the metro city or its immediate peripheries. A drive through the region […]

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Medicine & Nursing Then and Now

American medicine and nursing can be defined as the process of the diagnosis, treatment as well as the perceptions of the disease. This process is mainly done in the hospitals where many lives of the people are saved. In this essay, I will discuss the American medicine and nursing in the year 1850. I will […]

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Profession

In today’s society most people know what career path they are going to pursue before entering college and have known exactly the purpose of their career. However, I had no idea the career path that I wanted to pursue until I was encouraged by peers and instructors to look into nursing. While upon doing research […]

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Methods Health Care Providers Can Use to Cope With The Death of a Client

Dealing with Patients in Palliative Care and Coping with the Death of a Client Introduction Patients in palliative care require efficient healthcare services to reduce stress and offer relief of symptoms and support to their loved ones. Death has always been and is, for man, a subject of deep reflection and meditation, both from the […]

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Psychiatric and Psychosocial Issue

The main purpose of the article is to highlight the effects of heroin consumption among the teenage population in some of the cities of the United States. The sources, as well as the various forms with which the drug manifests itself, are also part of the scourge that is prevalent in the US, given the […]

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Safety and Quality in Healthcare

The objective of the project is to suggest and test an improvement that can be made to enhance the quality of care and safety of the elderly inpatients aged 65 years and above. Since quality and patient safety are prerequisite practices in nursing, the project aims to achieve positive outcomes by directing the practitioners on […]

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Critical Appraisal and Implementing Evidence in Practice

Abstract Central Venous Catheter (CVC) is very important in managing Catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI) which is a substantial basis of morbidity and mortality in the ICU settings. Evaluation of the impact of central venous catheters impregnated with silver sulphadiazine and chlorhexidine is a very important topic of study for resource implications, prolonged stay and associated […]

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Pathophysiology & Pharmacology of Cardiac Disease

The heart is a muscular organ the size of a fist, whose function is to continuously pump blood around the body. It is located in between the lungs, towards the left side of the chest. In humans, it is divided into four chambers. The heart pumps blood with a rhythm known as the heartbeat. A […]

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Chlorhexidine for Daily Bathing for Patients in Hospitals

Should traditional soap and water be replaced with chlorhexidine for daily bathing for patients in ICU? Abstract Title: Association between chlorhexidine and soap and water for baths for patients in ICUs for prevention of HAIs. The purpose of this paper is to determine if traditional soap and water should be replaced with chlorhexidine for daily […]

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Analysis of Falls Data

Analysis of Falls Data Synthesis/ Analysis of Falls Data Falls data were collected using the Post Fall Notes located in the electronic medical record, along with the incident reports that had been conducted after each fall. The prevalence of falls calculated within the last 90 days showed a total of 52 falls occurring among 25 […]

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Patient description The patient was admitted to the hospital from home as result of suffering from Sepsis-related to aspiration pneumonia. According to Balady et al. (2007), pneumonia is one of the leading infections, which causes the death of most adult within the different population, and it affects majorly the lungs which are made up of […]

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Sexual Re-Victimization and Increase in The Chance of Alcohol and Substance 

I will seek approval of the university and also the ethics Committee and from Hospital’s Institutional Review Board Committee. This is because of the charts that will be reviewed and obtained for admission that will be over 6 months. This will be at an adult behavioral inpatient Unit. The information that relates to demographic, history […]

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The Issue of Nursing Shortage in the United States

The nation’s shortage of nursing staff is something that touches the lives of virtually all of its citizens in one way or another. While the lack of working nurses does of course affect the activities of those nurses. Who are working, it most importantly detracts from the care that is provided for anyone. Who has […]

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How the Nursing Shortage Negatively Impacts Patients

My issue is that with low nurse shortage patients can be in danger and can die from a treatable sickness. It’s important because nurses are responsible for the patient’s health, and if they don’t do their job right they can put their health in danger. An important word is shortage because there aren’t enough nurses, […]

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The Issue of Nursing Shortages and the Efforts to Counter It

There is a direct link between the nursing shortage and an increase of patient deaths according to an October 2002 study by the University of Pennsylvania. Who is to blame for the shortage of United States trained registered nurses to fill the thousands of nationwide positions in hundreds of specialty areas? Fingers have pointed to […]

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An Analysis of the Challenge of Nursing Shortage

Article Summary The article aimed at highlighting the challenge of nursing shortage. And the implications of policy decision making in dealing with the challenge. The researchers found out that, population ratios of nurses differ in different regions. And countries but very low in Africa and South East Asia regions. However, the shortage is not only […]

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A Study of Nursing Shortage

Nursing shortage refers to a state of events when the demand for registered nurses surpasses the supply within a facility of health care, either in a specific location, at a national level or on the global front. One of the factors that lead to such a situation is insufficient placement programs for the freshly trained […]

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An Analysis of Developing a Strategic Plan for the Nursing Shortage

Executive Summary The shortage of registered nurses (RNs) continues to be a major challenge in the health care industry. Hospitals are trying real hard to adapt to the nurse shortage. There is a projected shortage of 800,000 nurses for 2020. The shortage of nurses definitely impact how healthcare is delivered. Presently there are demands for […]

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The Nursing Shortage and High Demand for Nurses in America

Nursing shortage is a fact. According to The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) (2012). There will be 1.05 million job openings for nurses due to growth and replacements by 2022. The increase in demand for health care providers puts a great deal of pressure in the current workforce. Many hospitals are understaffed, and […]

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The Solution to the Nursing Shortage Crisis

The nursing shortage crisis needs to be corrected. Exciting students about nursing is definitely a challenge, however, there are many things that can be done to assist in correcting this crisis. The hospital administrator and the nursing staff can work together to explore and implement ways to recruit nurses. One of the first things that […]

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The Issues of the Nursing Shortage in Canadian Government and Medical Practice

The nursing shortage is currently a problem experienced in countries worldwide. Nationally, Canada is experiencing its own nursing shortage. According to an article published by the Canadian Nurses Association, by 2022 Canada will experience an estimated nursing shortage of up to 60,000 registered nurses (RNs) (Murphy, et al., 2009). There are 3 major factors that […]

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The High Demand for Nursing Schools Shortage in the United States

When considering the enormous nursing shortage which is expected to ravage. The nation for years to come, it may seem counterintuitive. For schools of nursing to be more selective in granting students entrance into their programs. However, even with a national lack of nurses, universities. And Boards of Nursing must be confident that all students. […]

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An Essay on the Shortage of Nursing

It is widely documented that the healthcare revolution. That began in the late 1990s led to many changes especially. Those related to fiscal restraint and cost containment in the healthcare sector. Most importantly, the twentieth century is referred to as an era of downsizing. And organizational restructuring; factors which caused a rapid increase in the […]

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The United States Nursing Shortage Profession

In the United States, the nursing profession is the fastest-growing career. The numbers of registered nurses in health facilities continue to decline still as their demand increases. Job growth estimations index by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’. Nursing among the principal occupations experiencing growth. Expectations are that by the year 2024 more than three million […]

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