My Best Thanksgiving Ever

I believe that being american means to greet or being nice to people you don’t know from all over the world. To try to be respectful to anything or anyone and not fight over dumb stuff. I also believe that if someone is mean to you, you can try to be nice to them.

My uncle Clint Lorance he was a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army and was found guilty of one count of second degree murder and one count of attemted murder for ordering soldiers in the platoon to open fire on three men riding a motercycle that were coming towards there base and was not listening to the commands they were given to in southern Afghanistan in july of 2012. The motorcycle could not reach the base from where it was at because if all the gates they had around it. My uncle told me that “he did not try and cover it up and that the people that testified against him were lying.”

It was very sad the day he got taken away our whole family did not know what happen be my uncle, he never told us what happened. When they came to my house and told us, my grandma was in shock she started crying. When he got into prison he started calling us once a week saying I don’t belong here and was saying sorry to my grandma. He thought he let the whole family down and I was in the next room over and I could hear her crying. One day he called and said my sentences might get brought down a little bit. My family was excited that he might get out earlier than what he was supposed to, we didn’t care how much it was, we just wanted him home.

One day he said i’m getting out and the first thing my grandma said was your kidding then she yelled for me and said clint is getting out I was in shock because they told me he had a twenty year sentence and it has been seven years. He got out 2 weeks before thanksgiving, Then he said l Donald Trump is my hero, we said why and he said because he’s letting me out, he does not think he should have went to jail for that long for thinking someone is trying to attack that is coming at your base. Right when he got out The Sean Hannity Show asked him if he wanted to do the show, at the time I never have heard of the show. When thanksgiving came he showed up and every one in my family started hugging him, it was so special.

It was one of my most favorite thanksgivings ever. It’s not a great thanksgiving when your whole family is not there. He told all of us that prison is not a fun place especially because he was in the army and everybody there thought he was going to tell on them for doing stuff that there not supposed to do. When he got back, he told me that he was so happy to see me and was so happy to get out of those orange clothes and to get back wearing actually clothes. When my grandma came through the door, he gave her a big hug and they both started crying, Then he said “thank you”, my grandma said what for and he said for giving me all those books so I did not get bored in there my grandma said your welcome. Then he started telling the adults that he can’t get a job anywhere not even at Target or Walmart.

When it was time to go he said he wanted to take me and my two cousins somewhere. We were texting each other saying where is he taking us and then he said we are here and I said what is this place he said my house. We all said where and he said right there he turned the lights on and I said it used to look so nice he said yeah I know, I said why he said because I haven’t been here in 7 years. Then he took all of us home and that was the best Thanksgiving ever.