Music Concert I Attended in My City

On Wednesday January 9, 2019 I attended a concert at Pasadena Presbyterian Church. It was pretty fun because I went with my husband and we were listening to Michelle Matsumune the flutist and Galina Barskaya the pianist. When we got there the musicians introduced themselves and Michelle Matsumune said she is a fourth era Californian and an admirer of orchestral compositions. She executes as artist and flute player for the choral group. With the flute and harp amass Duo Arioso, Michelle discharged a CD of Medieval music. Galina Barskaya said she began learning piano at the age of four and started to perform professionally at the age of seven. Galina said that at Kiev State College she got her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music. In the concert they played 6 different song pieces, but the ones the I most liked was Cinquiéme Suite in B minor and it was in flute solo, I also liked Berceuse and Cinquiéme Grand Solo.

Berceuse was short piece, Michelle said that it was written in or about 1879. She said that in its unique variant it is for solo violin and piano. The writer later distributed a rendition for violin and orchestra, and the work has been masterminded by others for different melodic powers. I really liked how Michelle played the flute she inspired me to keep playing the flute because the way she played it was beautiful and its hard to explain how talented she was.

Galina Played prelude: Le vent dans la plaine and she said is taken from Debussy’s arrangement of piano Preludes, which are included 2 books, totalling up to 24 pieces. She said that the type of this piece pursues a genuinely basic structure, with each topic exchanging off differentiating harmonic functions and dynamics making a work that typifies moderate propensities similarly as promptly as it collides with striking proclamations of beating harmonies.

Another song that was played in the concert was Prelude: Le Vent Dans La Pleine and it was a piano solo, this song was very nice. When Galina was playing the piano I felt peace because she was playing so soft the piano. The song was a frame a genuine investigation of the breeze wonders. The language of this piece of song utilized is progressively pentatonic, with the middle area in a wholetone scale. This is an extremely engaging piece where one can see the extension of the plain, feel the dry breeze prevailing by their delays, the quietness, the breeze, the storm, the last mumbled breath.

Another song that was played in the concert was Syrinx and Michelle Matsumune played the song as a flute solo and she said that Syrinx is a piece of music for solo woodwind which Claude Debussy wrote in 1913. This song took three minutes or less to perform. She said it was the principal huge piece for solo woodwind after the Sonata. Syrinx is considered the first piece of classical music to begin with a musical question rather than a statement.The opening couple of bars of Syrinx, then again, frame a frequenting, improvisatory melodic question, which is then replied with more quality and created all through the piece. The genius of Debussy is that he influences the audience to trust the piece is extemporized, anyway this isn’t the situation.