Middle English 'Sir Gawain and The Green Knight'

Has anyone wondered what writings were written in Middle English and was written in the epic poem form? The epic poem Sir Gawain, who has an anonymous author, was written in 1350 to 1400 A.D.. While no one knows who the author is, it is translated by Burton Raffel. The poem takes first takes place in Camelot, where everyone is in a festive mood. It is ruined by a Green knight who challenges King Arthur. One of King Arthur’s knights takes his place. A year later, this knight goes to meet this knight. Throughout the poem, the are many different locations, themes, and many different types of characters.

The poem first starts in Camelot, where King Arthur and his people are celebrating New That’s Day. They are rudely interrupted by a Green Knight riding a horse. He makes fun of King Arthur and challenges him and his knights to cut his head off but a year from then to accept his payment. Sir Gawain accepts and then the location changes. Sir Gawain travels to meet the Green Knight. He first goes by Wales and then visits Wirral Forest until finally reaching a castle and lodging there. He stays there until the lord of the castle returns. Then he heads out through a forest and finds a Green chapel. After that, he finally returns home to Camelot. Throughout his travels there are different themes.

The main theme throughout the poem is good versus evil. This first shows up in the beginning of the poem, when the Green Knight first appears. This also leads to the theme of grieving when Sir Gawain a accepts the challenge and goes away. It also shows the theme of courage. One theme that is associated with knights is customs and traditions. The knights are looked upon and are role models to everyone. One other theme is faith. This theme shows up a lot. Sir Gawain prays after he accepts a Green belt from lady of the castle.

There are many different types of characters in the poem. There is the protagonist, Sir Gawain and his opposite, the Green Knight. He is the antagonist. There are also the main characters. King Arthur is one. So is Lady Bercilak, Sir Gawain, the old lady. There are also minor characters. The lords and ladies of Camelot, Queen Guenevere, Ywain, and the guide. There are also many characters who are flat characters.

There are a lot of different locations in Sir Gawain. There are also many types of themes. In the poem, there are also many different types of characters. In the epic poem, it starts in Camelot and then goes to a green chapel. The main theme of the poem is good versus evil. The main character is Sir Gawain and his opposite the Green Knight. The next time an epic poem shows up, there might be some similarities to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

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