Make your Future Better

When we are first conceived, we do not have a care in the world because we are not mature enough to know what’s next. When we come out of our mother’s womb, we are predicted to cry and be given a world of possibilities. As we grow to be adolescence we play with our friends, and go to school to be shown basic intellectual material. But how about when we grow up? We are able to think and be what we want to be. I for one have always wondered, what is the meaning of life? A question that most still have yet answered for themselves.

Growing up, I was a troubled kid. I could never seem to get anything right. With this came depression. And as most people know, the symptoms very. I barely had any friends to talk to, and events had taken place in my life that one should never go through. I had then asked myself, what is the meaning of life? Why am I here? I was at such a low point in my life that I didn’t know if I was going to continue my education after high school. I can recall one person who made my answer very clear. A summer ago, I met Justin who changed my life. I had once believed that sticking to myself was an ideal solution to everything; but this person opened up my eyes. Through being with him, he showed me that caring for others was something I wanted to do. That dwelling on the past and not making your future about you wouldn’t help you become the person you needed to be.

This person believed in me when no one else would. Being given that push and strive to succeed in life made me realize what my meaning of life was. It was to do what makes you happy and recognizing that you are the foundation of your future. Justin and I’s friendship inspired me to work harder and recognize opportunity. I refocused my effort in to writing more poetry, and similarly I began to set goals in my classrooms to improve my work ethic, something I never thought about. My dedication and resilience improved my grades and mindset.

Though me and Justin went our separate ways, we still talk often. I am no longer content with mediocre success, but now I set forth new goals to help me achieve the image I want for my future. And to answer my own question of what the meaning of life is, I would say; do whatever makes you happy because then you won’t dwell on the past and you will strive to make your future better.

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