Lyddie by Katherine Paterson: Character Analysis

While Lyddie is working at Cutlers Tavern Lyddie is DETERMINED to get money to pay off her family debt. Eventually Lyddie gets fired but this does not discourage Lyddie or make her sad. After being fired to moves to Lowell to find a job as a factory girl working in the mills. This shows Lyddie is determined to get money to pay for her family debt and despite being fired she moves to Lowell to find a job in the mills to continue to get money for her family debt. In Chapter 6 Lyddie was going back to her house. When she got inside the house she saw a tall man at first she thought it was Luke Stevens but only to realize it was a black man.

Before she had gone home Lyddie overheard a person’s conversation saying if you had returned a runaway slave you would get 100 dollars! But despite this Lyddie did not turn Ezekial (runaway slave) in. Instead she gave him all the money she had (25 dollars) gotten from selling the calf to help Ezekial get to Canada safely.Lyddie could have turned Ezekial in for 100 dollars in which she needed to save and pay her family debt. Instead Lyddie started to talk to Ezekial and come to find out he was a runaway slave trying to get to Canada safely to be free with his family. Lyddie felt the need to help Ezekial so she gave him all the money she had (25 dollars) to help him get to Canada safely. (KIND)

In chapter 12 Lyddie is still attending many looms yet they run much faster which increases the workload. Yet she still continues to work long hours in harsh conditions. In chapter 14 despite being hit in the head and being cut by a shuttle Lyddie returns to work. Only to having to train a new girl Brigid on her first day back. Lyddie has to attended many looms at once despite this increasing the workload Lyddie still continues to work long hours. Lyddie being cut in the head with the shuttle does not stop her from working. Lyddie comes back to work while attending the same amount of looms while having to train a new girl named Brigid on her first day back(Hardworking). Lyddie is working in the mills and is without and family members.

Still working to pay off her family debt. Lyddie knew she had to work very hard to earn enough money for her family debt even if it meant she wouldn’t see her family for a period of time.This shows that Lyddie is very independent being able to go and work to pay off her family debt alone by herself. She was alone without her family for a good amount of time. She has proved she can take care of herself and to be very self dependent.(independent)

In chapter 23 Lyddie goes to the Stevens to talk to Luke. Luke had bought Lyddies farm and asked Luke to marry her. If Lyddie had married him she would have gotten the family farm that she wanted so bad but instead she went to college in Ohio to get an education and maybe get a job in the future.This courageous and brave move by Lyddie. Lyddie could have gotten the farm that she worked so hard to keep but instead decided to follow her heart and go to college in Ohio. This was very courageous because although Lyddie wanted the farm she still decided to go to college.

In chapter 20 Lyddie saw Mr. Marsden trying to touch Brigid but Lyddie grabbed a bucket full of water and dumped it over his head. Mr. Marsden who was her “Boss”. In chapter 23 she decides to go college which is a very gutsy and risky move.Lyddie was very brave to dump a bucket of water over her boss. Knowing that this could potentially lead to her getting fired. Lyddie decides to go to college instead of marrying Luke Stevens. This was a very risky and brave move because she may not like it and quit or after finishing college she may not be able to find another job. (Brave)