Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’s Character Analysis


Alice is a courteous girl with lots of curiosity and imagination. She is gentle, polite, and loving. She represents a youthful, pure love and passion. Although she had been through many challenges and adventures, and she was upset and confused. She was able to put it off easily and cheer up quickly after. She grows more mature and confident through the story goes.

The Queen of Heart is an impatient and explosive creature. She rules over the wonderland with despotic rules. She is constantly giving order of beheading of the creature in wonderland when someone or something went against her will. But these order were never actually been implemented. The White Rabbit is the messenger of Queen of Heart and King of Heart. He wears a waist coat and pocket watch. He often appears in the story in the hurry and late.

The Hatter is a man who is always mad. Ever since time stopped working for him. He takes Tea Party along with March Hare and Dormouse. When Alice joined the Tea Party she finds it to be the stupidest event. The white Rabbit in the story always in the hurry. Alice never catches up the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit can symbolizes the passage of time. Just as the White Rabbit is hurried, time flies.

The Cheshire Cat acts a role model for Alice. Giving her advice and help her to understand wonderland. The Cheshire Cat can represent guidance. The Queen of Hearts can be seen as the heart Alice struggles to grow up. She is afraid the Victorian expectation of women. During Victorian time, women were expected to be married at the age of twenty-five. Restrain their emotions, and take care of the household chores and become the property of the husband. The Queen of Hearts represents the Victorian expectation.

The Wonderland can be views as the adult’s world. Everything seems different and hard to understand for Alice. Alice’s thinking was shaken and confused by the Wonderland. She encounters many creatures and things disregard her sense of order. In order to go through Wonderland, she had to follow and rely on the order of Wonderland. Although Queen of Heart rules the Wonderland ridiculous and tyranny, but they are still under her authority. Adult’s world is complicated and full of injustices. But for someone to fit in and consider of grown up he must adjust to the unjust and ridiculous things. All Alice’s discomfort and changing of size represents the unavoidable loss of childhood’s innocence.

Alice was confused who she really is after so many times of physical change. She told Caterpillar that she can’t explain who she is, she remembered how was she in the morning but after so many changes she is puzzled about her identity. Alice feels different, and she can’t tell that she is still the same. The baby turns into a pig, the Cheshire Cat turns into a smile, the Queen turns into a card. She can’t determine the identity by the outer appearance or world. When she focused inside, and fearless, she was able to awake from the dream.

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