Justice In America: Such A Hypocrisy 

Gun violence in the United States results in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries annually. During the majority of the 1950’s – 1990’s struggles for civil rights, social rights, equality and justice swept the United States. While watching both Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose and the Runaway Jury Film by John Grisham I can note that the justice system was highly corrupted, and both cases had to do with guns and murders of innocent people. The time period of each was set apart between about a 40 year radius, but both have underlying problematic issues. Justice can be defined as a quality of being just or to withhold righteousness to uphold the justice of a cause.

Someone who commits a murder upon anyone that victims family, friends etc. should obtain justice to the cause for what the person did. This means that the killer should no longer live a free life, rather having to suffer life or death in prison on behalf of the punishment. While watching the Runaway Jury Film taking place in the late 90’s was about a murder that shot a financial broker and the wife if the man who was shot wanted to sue the firearm company for money to obtain justice for the loss of a significant other and to ban guns for good. The justice was corrupt due to the fact that jurors were hired to replace or change the final verdict to what they wanted. They didn’t care about the severity of this case. They just wanted to go home.

As we know now what justice exactly is, we can depict that the movie 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose was extremely concerned about the idea of Justice. Many of the Jurors in this trial once again involving a murder case initially voted guilty based on their past encounters and or prejudices. Juror #3 played a huge role in this, as many of the jurors thought he was uncivilized. The Justice system was clearly corrupt between the two time periods. Some of the Jury’s that were displayed were not good ones and many arguments tended to occur.

We can compare a variety of different things between both scenarios, guns were ultimately a huge problem that is faced In society. Finches goal was to corrupt the trial. He didn’t want to pay the 110 million dollars to celeste wood that the jury was fighting against him for. The Gun Company tried to swerve away from the guilty verdict, so they wouldn’t have to pay all the money that they were being sued for. In 12 Angry Men the jurors didn’t really want to be there, and a heck of a lot of anger and prredicial ideas were layed down. Both parties got justice, but it was really hard for both situations to straight get that.

In my opinion i believe that guns should be banned. Many of the juror cases that go onto today or that we see on the news involve murders of innocent people. I predict that guns won’t be banned because it’s want makes up the foundations of America. These types of cases are creating a disaster in court even today. The Justice system shouldn’t be corrupt and we should always be able obtain our legal rights.