In Reading the “Managing Stress” Chapter in the Textbook

In reading the “Managing Stress” chapter in the textbook, I have come to a realization about myself while also being refreshed on coping mechanisms to relieve stress. When I worked through some of the exercises, I have realized that I continuously handle stress in a nonhealthy manner. However, I have had time to reflect upon myself and the causes to my stress, while creating plans to executed in properly handling that stress.

When I looked over the “recognizing possible signs of stress” table, I was, to be honest, not the least bit shocked about my score. The majority of the common symptoms listed applied to me presently, as I have a list as to the reasons why. As I continued to read, I had looked over the examples of stressors listed in the chapter. For most of my summer, I have had financial stress building up until very recent. My car, my only way of transportation without having to depend on my family, was constantly breaking down. Replacing all the parts, having it towed, the dollar signs kept climbing up and up. It was becoming difficult to pay for repairs, while also paying the rest of my bills. Thankfully, that situation was handled recently, relieving some of my stress off my shoulders. Another one I had related myself to was the multitasking stress. Before class began, and when it started, I was stressing myself out about how I was going to handle school while working. I have done it in the years past, I even held two jobs while taking my EMT class. Some were successful, while other were not. I worried about going back to school, abot not applying myself to the fullest extent, knowing that this option of online college was a great opportunity I could not ignore. I worried about how my work life could affect how well I progress in school. I have calmed myself from worrying about school, thankfully, since this program has made it easier for me to be involved in class while working full-time.

Once I reached the coping strategies in the text, I was refreshed on some of the techniques that I have had used before to relieve stress. However, I was intrigued by the BREATHE strategy and how familiar it was in how I handle some stressful circumstances. While I have never consciously focused on my breathing and posture during a conflicting situation, I have heavily paid attention to a few other steps. Such as evaluating emotions, talking, and hearing opinions of others are the few examples. But, after researching and apply it, I do know that calm breathing, or meditative-like state breathing, does help in stressful situations. In going further, whether at my job, home, or school, I would like to keep applying this strategy, among others as well.

With Black Friday (or Thanksgiving sales) on the horizon, I do know that my job or workplace is going to become even more stressful. With prepping, organizing everything for the sales, with dealing with miscommunication issues before a big event like Black Friday can be a nightmare. However, I am determined to take a different route during this month before the holidays hit by using some of the lifestyle habit examples given in the textbook. For instance, I have drowned myself in taking on more tasks than I can complete in one day. Over time, I have learned to be assertive and know when to tell management or other associates that I could not do what they ask immediately, that they need to find someone else to help them complete the task in a timely manner. However, I still try to help when I can, or if I have time, when my job responsibilities are accomplished, and my area is cleaned. I am also taking slow steps into better eating, focusing more of the brain food than junk food.

In conclusion, I know that stress is everywhere and is an everyday problem that cannot be unavoidable. However, after reviewing the text, I know what I would like to put forth in my personal strategy plan involving the management of stress. As stated earlier, I would like to keep using the BREATHE technique, especially in handling work’s stressful situations. I would like to also keep learning how to be more assertive, stepping away from the passive behaviors I have acted out for majority of my work life. In the end, I hope that I will accomplish my goals that involve stress management, to where I can continue to use it in the future.